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    Nathan loves Bella....(sweet little boy loving a special pitbull)


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Lesli Contreras's son has cystic fibrosis, asthma and eosinaphilic esophagitis, an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus. But he's not allergic to dogs. You can read more about Nathan and Bella on her blog, Mixed Blessings.
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    Nathan is our little 8 & 1/2 yr old son. He's always wanted a dog or cat, but he has Cystic Fibrosis & g-tube, asthma and has tons of crazy allergies. One of his worst is for cats.


    In April 2012, we found out about a pitbull that was at the PACC shelter, on the kill line. I personally had always been very intimidated by pitbulls from their bad reputation, though my husband was the opposite. One of his best friends, had been a pitbull he'd had for 15 years. So the second my husband saw this beautiful, scared, starved abused dog that was skin and bones...could barely walk...he said she's a good one. I trust my husband so the next day we came back to get her.


    She would have to be a special needs adoption, because she has Valley Fever. As we were speaking with the man at PACC who handles the special needs pet adoptions, he said very frankly that he felt this dog would need a lot of medical care, medications etc to where it would be very expensive to have her kept up in a safe and comfortable way.


    I felt terrible, like there was no way we would be able to take it on...and I didn't want to break my son's heart but I didn't know what to do. I just called my husband at work, told him that I didn't see how on earth we'd be able to commit to that, when we were struggling financially ourselves, and with Nathan's medical care needs etc. So I had told him how sorry I was, but that maybe he could pick out another dog that was healthier. Maybe even a puppy like he'd always wanted. Well I feel this was from God truly, because at that very moment, while we were still standing there in the lobby and had just told the man that we were sorry but it didn't seem like that could possibly work...we felt terrible, because we knew she'd be killed. Nathan said No mom, I don't want a dog to die because of me..."


    At that very moment a woman we didn't know~ from over a hundred miles away near Phoenix, AZ (we're in Tucson)called to the switchboard of PACC inquiring about the same dog. She was a rescuer/mom & all around good guy (good gal) she said if anyone comes in to please give them her contact, she'd help if they would just take the dog. The receptionist told her we were there right now, and she had that woman give us her number & call right then. We did. I told her about how much we wanted to take her home but it just didn't make sense financially... she said that her name was Pattie, and that she felt this was a very special dog, and we were a very special family and that if we would take her that she promised that she had a network of people she knew who would help out, and that she felt we could be the perfect family for this precious dog. My son was in tears, we both were, we brought her home and we have been SO BLESSED.


    People have helped with her medications, with Fry's cards, getting her vet bills taken care of at ACAICIA ANIMAL HOSPITAL, and everything she needs. Wag cards, petsmart, you name it. She is happy, gained weight.


    Her back leg that was fractured is doing better and where she used to not be able to barely walk very far, now she can run around and play. Nathan has a feeding tube, and she's super gentle w/ him. Her name used to be Kavona, but we changed it to Bella because she is just so beautiful inside and out. She is doing so well, and she is so precious, kind and gentle.


    Since this time we have received kindness, love and support from all ove the US. Phoenix, to NY. All over, people have been so kind. We feel very blessed. As it gets closer to Christmas and I know so many people are wanting to get puppies for their kids or families. I have nothing against that, I think that is wonderful~ but please if there is any way that you can consider a special needs pet adoption it could be such an amazing fit for your family.


    Nathan has been so much happier since she has been in our lives. I know that God has His hand over our family, and it was just precious to me, that he could put such a unlikely pair together and make a perfect and special friendship...and our lives fuller from getting to see our special boy, loving his very special dog.


    I made a blog site about them. http://www.lifesmixedblessings.com/nathan-and-bellacontact.html Please share this story!

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