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    Atlanta, Georgia
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    Anyone who has a JOB. Anyone who shops at WALMART!


    This is a SPECIAL REPORT:  by  M. Paul Lewis

    Recent  headline news reports have been blanketing the airways with stories and coverage of the ‘ridiculously low’ and unfair wages, retail giant Walmart INC. pays its’ associates. Practically every word of the reports is true! Walmart workers across the U.S. are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet financially. Many Walmart associates have to make frequent decisions to either pay their rent, mortgage, lease, car payment or buy food for their families. How could this be? ‘Especially’ when the heirs to the founder of Walmart, enjoy the reputation of being some of the wealthiest individuals in the world today. Wealth, that has been gained (partly) off the backs of “tens of thousands” of hard working Walmart associates.

    In addition to the heartbreaking reports of Walmart workers barely being able to feed themselves and their children, having to rely on Walmart-store sponsored canned food drives and a multitude of other hardships they're experiencing, due in part to the poverty level wages they are receiving….there is something else, "even more" sinister going behind the scenes at many Walmart facilities! It is truly disturbing and just as newsworthy as the wage issue, as it is something that can drastically affect  consumers  that frequent these facilities. Just as infuriating, is the fact that Walmart officials would downplay and even attempt to cover up these dangerous conditions and situations.

    Conditions such as stores being infested with ‘rats’, cockroaches and other insects that have been found to have accessed food stuffs that made it to the sales floor. Once these items reach the sales floor, they are available to unsuspecting customers who can purchase this merchandise that can harm them. Can you imagine getting part way through you bowl of cereal only to discover rat “feces” floating in your milk? Eeewwh! How about finding the wings from a cockroach in your bag of egg noodles? These are the things that are occurring in Walmart stores right now and Walmart officials are sadly, minimizing the gravity of how this could affect the consumer public.

    Now, there is another element involved here that plays a key role in what you have read up to this point. It has to do with the treatment of associates by members of management at the store level. Now what I have neglected to mention until now, is that I am a current Walmart associate and I am sharing with you ‘firsthand’ what I have witnessed and personally experienced at the facility where I’m employed. After shopping at Walmart stores for many years, I never would have imagined what was really happening behind the scenes, please believe me when I tell you, ‘it is truly appalling’! Unfortunately, I now know that what is going on at the store where I am employed is also going on at many other Walmart  facilities as well.

    It is only the tip of a very nasty iceberg!  It is due in part to this, that I found it necessary to create and launch a BLOG titled, www.RespectMeEmployer.com  This BLOG and its’ weekly postings will enable you to gain a full perspective on what is 'alluded to' in this ‘SPECIAL REPORT’ (and much more). For your information, it is a result of this BLOG that I learned the situations and conditions where I’m employed are being repeated at other Walmart facilities. If you shop at Walmart, work at a Walmart store or have friends or loved ones employed at a Walmart facility, I strong urge you to visit the www.RespectMeEmployer.com website and BLOG. Carefully go over the postings, attachments and valuable Links. You and people you know could potentially be at risk!

    NOTE: Even though it is Walmart that is the subject of this ‘SPECIAL REPORT’, the concept of this BLOG actually pertains to ANYONE who is an EMPLOYEE working for an EMPLOYER.   Best Wishes To You, On Your J.O.B. !!!


    M. Paul Lewis

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