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    Posted December 4, 2013 by
    Washington, District of Columbia

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    How to boost declining school performance - OECD PISA


    Photos shows Education icon, Chris Imafidon receiving a copy of the World schools league table from Andreas Schleicher, OECD Deputy Director for Education & Skills


    WASHINGTON DC (USA) - In response to poor performance of USA/UK teenagers in the PISA report published, today, Dr Chris Imafidon, Chair, of the well-respected Excellence in Education Program (EIE) confirms that its proven teaching-learning principles and methodology will be made available to main-stream schools in order to boost educational performance.

    "Although EIE welcomed the PISA OECD league tables of academic achievement, the widening gap between western and eastern nations does not come as a surprise, as the number of frustrated parents desperate to secure an excellent education with EIE for their children continues to grow dramatically" opines EIE program

    The league tables were compiled after a study of over half a million teenagers in 65 nations were tested in mathematics, reading and science. It clearly shows that some nations operate a high-performing school system.

    Dr Chris Imafidon states that;

    "EIE is committed to providing this generation of teachers with the tools, techniques, technology and optimum environment so that they can discover, develop and deploy the genius in EVERY student.


    It is regrettable that humanity seems to have advanced in many ways but failed to educate its future generation. This failure is more prominent with western nations than the eastern countries. If the financial loss to the USA of over $70 trillion caused by the poor teaching of mathematics does not frighten us to wake up, then the consequences of a national catastrophe in knowledge, innovation and international competiveness may be the single most dangerous threat to society.

    There is no more time for theoretical debates and discussions. It is about time we took IMMEDIATE action. China, Korea, Vietnam, Poland, etc have demonstrated that innovative teaching can transform learning and improve results that impact on the current and future prosperity of a nation.

    We are therefore fortunate to see the practical demonstration and success of the EIE methodology which provides outstanding results that would be unassailable in other fields of excellence and endeavour such as the Olympics.

    The success of Vietnam and Poland scoring higher than most western economic powers demonstrates that education is not pioneered by wealth, especially as evidence that student performance correlates with parental college aspiration was confirmed in this study.

    EIE began investing time and energy in our children's education with ground breaking innovation over 15 years ago, this strategy is now available to every country, school and classroom to not only compete but excel against the best in the world, just as we aspire to do in sports.

    Any country's academic performance will more than double if main stream schools and colleges implement the proven principles and methodology used by EIE. EIE trains every student to love learning for its intrinsic value, making assimilation of new information fun, exciting and entertaining.

    Fundamentally, every student understands mathematics as a game of logic, science as a game of exploration and English as a game of communication. The consistent trend-busting results produced annually with inner city kids is a testament to EIE's innovative approach and unrivalled gender independent success.

    EIE congratulates the OECD in compiling their insight and confirms with Professor Maxwell that the PISA report is a much needed clarion call to action for a sustainable future of the world."

    The new EIE methodology is a combination of the philosophy and practicalities of the Imafidon techniques.
    All enquires to info@ExcellenceinEducation.org.uk, or Tel 44 (0)7968285848

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