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    HEAVEN to EARTH, and BACK!



    I watched Anderson Cooper Special Report “To Heaven and Back,” a woman physical body was under water and without oxygen for 30 minutes after a kayaking accident, her soul left her body, traveling in spiritual realm, encountered with human souls.  The human souls she saw in human body worn robes was manifested by Almighty Eternal God’s spirit, and she returned to her physical body.  Another woman as end-stage cancer after in comma for few more than a day, and teenage boy suffers heart failure.

    On the brink of so-called death, all three tell stories a leaving their bodies, going to heaven and coming back was they on their assignments to give out their testimonies recorded in the Bible.

    These three individuals received three very different assignments from the Almighty Eternal God, as witnesses to the existence of the Almighty Eternal Creator, who is almighty eternal supernatural power, Heaven is real, and all souls originated from Heaven to earth, for purpose of earn good deeds for benefit eternal life while on earth and souls after earthly life in Heaven!

    Testimonies given by these individuals, testified human souls descended in earthly mother physical worms, souls give power forming human physical bodies, born out of mother wombs, live a life of righteous of obeying the Almighty Eternal Creator laws, at the time souls leave physical bodies to Heaven, physical bodies died! 

    All human souls built with free will! Each and all people free will of obeying or rejecting the Almighty Eternal Creator’s laws! Once people chosen their free will of turned their back to the Almighty Eternal Creator, and choose to following the devil, committed crimes and refused to conversion, their souls must reign in place called “hell” while they on earth, and after earthly lives!

    Heaven and hell are in spiritual realm, the realm full with supernatural power, and the realm formed everything before everything come on earthly level!  Spiritual realm is invisible, while earthly realm is visible. There is an invisible veil, separated spiritual realm from earthly realm.  Souls in spiritual realm able to see and heard people, things and activities on earthly level. During human souls inside physical bodies, are unable to see souls and activities in spiritual realm. It was the reason of these three individuals souls saw with their spiritual eyes of everything around their bodies, and gave out their testimonies after their souls returned to their bodies.

    Human physical bodies are influence from spiritual realm, through feeling and thoughts. It is the way of how all people receive guidance from the Almighty Eternal Creator, or from the destructive of the devil!

    But from time to time the veil cracked little open to certain individuals for purpose of services to other, individuals saw little in divine realm, for services while awake.  People normally saw spiritual realm through dreams during sleeping. All dreams are coming as symbols, and symbols are earthly individuals, places and activities, that already existed in spiritual realm, and what people saw must come on earth at the appointed times!

    As always, when people saw in spiritual realm through dreams or visions, these things came from the Almighty Eternal Creator or from Satan, so called the devil!  From Almighty Eternal Creator or from Satan are depending of the location of their minds and life styles reigned, with the Almighty Eternal God or with Satan.

    Normally for people saw spiritual realm are the people received assignments from above!  All people assigned by God for services that the veil cracked open to us, our lives difficulty of various ways.

    The reason of I understood the two realms communication is I for one, who came on earth with a lifelong full with assignments from the Almighty Eternal Creator!  I compiled my testimonies in serious of books, entitled Mysteries of God Revealed to Man.

    The life of people on assignment from the Almighty Eternal Creator is very difficult, encountered a lot of suffering and obstructs, but the Almighty Eternal Creator is always within you for you to carry out your assignments to victorious completions!


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