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    Guide to LED waterfall facuets


    Unusual faucets often have a bad reputation for being a little gimmicky, especially LED faucets. But ones that are well designed use the sometimes-silly lights to create a lovely, subtle effect that can really work as a visual centerpiece of a bathroom. HomeThangs.com has introduced a guide to a few of the best of these unique faucets, specifically waterfall style faucets.


    Guide to LED waterfall facuets


    Waterfall faucets in general are unexpected and a little earthy, neither of which are common features in a bathroom. Adding even a single, simple light to the mix makes for an even more stunning appearance. In the dark, an LED light will light up the whole stream of water, while in full light it creates a soft, crisp cool glow that emanates from the center of the faucet.


    Waterfall faucets made with plastic pieces that light up when the water is flowing are probably the most novel or gimmicky. But they can also be fun to look at, the lights growing brighter with the intensity of the water and changing color depending on the temperature. These have a nice, futuristic look and feel and even when turned off have a great cutting edge modern style.


    Often waterfall faucets come paired with matching vessel sinks. These are generally a single piece of curved, dish-shaped glass or plastic attached to a post, either with a joystick style handle in the center or a separate control. This glass "bowl" is made of the same material and in the same color or pattern as the corresponding vessel sinks, and is designed so that water wells up from the center and tumbles naturally over the lowered edge into the sink. Adding a simple LED light to a clear glass or plastic piece allows it to have its own personality outside a coordinating sink, with a soft, lovely glow that's pleasantly eye catching without being overly conspicuous.


    One very popular trend right now is to mount bathroom faucets on the wall instead of directly into the sink or vanity top. This is a project that isn't necessarily easily done, but is brilliantly accentuated by the simple addition of LED lights. Even a very simple faucet will gain a sort of lagoon like appearance, emanating a soft, enticing glow that dissipates once the water cascades over the edge and down into the sink.


    Then, there are bathroom faucet so awesome and bizarre that that they almost couldn't exist without crazy, built in LED lights. These have very intricate, almost puzzle-like designs with a very fantastic, futuristic look, and the bright glow of LED lights makes them look positively magical when they’re turned on. Faucets of this type are definitely eye-catchers, but again instead of seeming gimmicky, the LED lights are an organic part of the design, giving it a great, ultramodern vibe.


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