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    Quincy Timberlake: This is my MANIFESTO on Education


                                           PLaCENTA PARTY OF KENYA
                                                       Party Manifesto
                        (As governed by the Political Parties Act 91 (1) of 2012)
    The PlaCenta Party of Kenya’s strong public education system is key to investing in generations to come in order to create a fair, successful and cohesive society. It is committed to establishing a meritorious governing body which will meet the bulk of promises made to Kenyans of all acquirements by Kenyans from all acquirements. These are regular Kenyans elected by you, from you and for you in regards to the relevant reasons only made unaffordable by the parsimonious legiscronies. Today, we are unveiling our thoughts for overhauling the education system which has been responsible for our desolate potentiality.
    STRATUM OF EDUCATION (Illiteracy Reduction Policy under the PPK Enseignement Act 2010):
    The government implemented free primary education for all children in the year 2003 resulting in the enrolment of 2 million children who previously did not attend school. As a result of this free education initiative, schools have been facing congestion in classrooms with some single classrooms accommodating 100 pupils in densely populated areas, lack of sufficiently trained teachers and inadequate training material, resulting in poor performance at local and national exams.
    Another virus in the 8-4-4 system is the overburdening of children with several subjects. The public primary school programs are unworkable, undesirable & tiresome due to overcrowding with some single classes holding over 90 pupils, with teachers teaching a 35 minutes lesson and a minimum of 7 lessons a day and 38 lessons in a five day week, resulting in poor practices such as teachers telling pupils to exchange assignments to mark for themselves. We will bring back 7-6-3 system as it was the most formidable force in the education system.
    Proposed rural teachers' housing under PlaCenta Party of Kenya's education scheme
    Proposed rural teachers’ housing under PPK’s education scheme
    PlaCenta Party of Kenya will create an environment conducive to the increased participation of children at school and improved classroom and national exams performance. Programs will facilitate education by providing direct support with accommodation, education, feeding, shelter, medical-care, school fees, school uniform and other amenities for the orphans and at-risk children.
    Due to high drop-out rates and low academic performance, university enrolment remains below 15%. Those who graduate from high school need at least an average “B” to be admitted at a university. Poor school performance by rural children and lack of funds for education prevent many children especially the orphans and at-risk children from furthering their studies to university. The average cost of a year of university in Kenya is US£2.069 which is out of reach for most people. This is why we will revamp polytechnic education or introduce the TAFE system ( one of the best vocational education and training providers in the world. TAFE stands for Training and Further Education and is the largest training institute in Australia)
    We will change the admission criteria to one of quota system whereby the government would work out the number of students it wants to sponsor from every county who should be top performers so as to open doors for all those who have qualified to join universities to be fully funded by the government.
    transmutate discipline to the classroom with a new search for powers for teachers
    an end to the ‘no-touch’ rule and without consent
    impose higher fines for truancy and pandemonium
    introduce a comprehensive program which will improve the quality of teaching, including scholarships to attract the best graduates, higher literacy and numeracy requirements for trainee teachers and a network of ‘teaching schools’ across the Federal Republic of Kenya.
    train more specialist elementary school teachers
    ameliorate teachers’ pay so that strong performance is better recognised and high quality graduates are attracted to the profession
    amend an Act of the National Assembly that protects the basic and secondary Free School system countrywide
    purchase at least 2 buses or minibuses per school for student transportation to avoid absenteeism from learning due to hardships and circumstances beyond control. Vehicles will contribute much to inter-county drama and sports festivals. Most buses will arrive in the form of imported refurbished packages.
    hire Australian teachers to upgrade local literacy and bring with them higher skills from that part of the world
    amend an Act of the National Assembly that protects the (i) Australian teachers (ii) hiring of teachers due to lack of skills caused by (a) brain drainage (b) poverty and drop outs (iii) firing of those teachers who won’t comply with the set rules (iv) naturalisation of the teachers to remain in the country permanently (v) teachers to be registered by the relevant unions (vi) teachers’ rights to peaceful protests
    construct teaching staff houses for celibate teachers
    PPK's proposed rural primary school buildings with all physical education amenities.
    PPK’s proposed rural primary school buildings with all physical education amenities. Teachers must live within the compounds.
    construct dining facilities for teachers
    enact Teachers’ Hardship Allowance Act
    give teachers anonymity until charge when faced with accusations by pupils to protect them from malicious allegations
    introduce school child benefits for school going children
    gradually lower the threshold at which children are defined as ‘persistent truants’ to ensure schools take action at an earlier stage
    introduce English Baccalaureate
    recommend that schools must teach children to: recite their 12 x 12 times tables by the age of 9, spell a set list of words by the end of primary school, and recite poetry or participate in a debate in class.
    introduce a Pupil Premium: Pupil Premium is the money given to schools to pay for dedicated support for disadvantaged children
    introduce holiday schooling to support disadvantaged children in the transition from primary to secondary school, and even to tertiary school
    require local authorities and other local services to communicate a clear ‘local offer’ for families, setting out what support is available and from whom
    give parents whose children have an Education, Health and Care plan the legal right to seek a place at any state-funded school of their choice – whether a maintained school, an academy, a Free School or a special school
    construct large school TV halls, dining halls, physical education activities arenas, theatres and libraries to improve epignosis in and for augmentation of the nation
    ensure that public infrastructure and school land remain under public ownership and control
    Under PlaCenta Party of Kenya's education system, school overcrowding will be a thing in the past
    Under PPK’s education system, school overcrowding will be a thing of the past
    Quincy Timberlake Education Scheme
    The Quincy Timberlake Education Review will be the most comprehensive investigation of the way schools in Kenya are funded in almost 50 years.
    Headed by respected party leader Quincy Timberlake, a PlaCenta Party of Kenya education overhaul review found almost all schools did not have the resources needed to give every child a high quality education.
    It said we urgently need to change the way we fund schools and invest more in them, including through:
    More individual attention in the classroom
    Extra specialist teachers in areas such as literacy and numeracy
    Greater support for children with disabilities or special needs
    Additional training and classroom support for teachers
    QT school funding reforms will have to pass Senate, all counties will be asked to sign up
    The plan will inject KES 4.5 billion into primary and high school education over the next three years from the election if the party wins, with part of the funding to come from the KES 2.5 billion taken out of the national public wage sector over the next two years.
    The plan will also introduce a school children feeding program for non-boarders and primary schools.
    It will be a compulsory policy that primary and day secondary school construct government approved kitchens and dining halls for non-boarding and primary school children
    Government will ban school uniforms and replace them with school ID cards. The cards will be RFiD microchipped. They will store the students’ personal profile, regularly updated health history, personal educational records and improvement history, feeding records, character checks, security checks, social network browsing behaviour and home/parental behavioural reports.
    The Government will settle half of all teachers’ monthly utility bills
    Under PlaCenta Party of Kenya, it will be a mandatory requirement for schools to build lower primary children playgrounds
    Under a PPK government, it will be a mandatory requirement that schools build playgrounds for lower primary school children
    PARENTS will receive up to KES 820 monthly for every child they have at school – paid directly into their bank account – as part of a national government overhaul to combat rising hardship issues associated with free education. They will receive these payments until their financial hardships are terminated in 12 months
    those eligible for the payments must be families earning less than KES 10,000 if they have more than one primary-school-aged child; prove that they experience financial hardships
    The Kenya Teachers Housing Authority Bill will be introduced to parliament. The authority’s policies and activities will be to assist members of the teaching services obtain rental housing in country and urban areas. Authority services will be primarily driven by client demand and directed at isolated rural communities and areas of the Republic where there is an inadequate private rental market. Housing for teachers must be provided in these locations to ensure that schools and colleges are appropriately staffed.
    Proposed urban teachers' housing under Placenta Party of Kenya's education scheme
    Proposed urban teachers’ housing under PPK’s education scheme
    The Authority will have to own or manage a least 1500 houses and villa units per county.
    The operations of the Authority will involve close liaison with the Stratum of Education regarding the housing needs of teachers in schools and colleges in country areas of the Republic.
    The Kenya Teacher Housing Authority will be a statutory corporation constituted under the Teacher Housing Authority Act 2010 of the PlaCenta Party of Kenya. The Authority will operate under the direction of the Stratum of Education.
    The principal object of the Authority will be to provide and maintain suitable and adequate housing accommodation for teachers. The Authority also will have as objects:
    the initiation, promotion, commissioning and undertaking of surveys and investigations into the housing needs of teachers;
    the undertaking, promotion and encouragement of research into the design, construction and maintenance of housing suitable for teachers;
    the planning of the provision of a comprehensive and coordinated housing service for teachers throughout Republic of Kenya
    the provision, conduct, operation and maintenance of a housing service for teachers; and
    the advising of, and the making of, reports and recommendations to the Kenya’s Federal Secretary for Education in respect of matters relating to the housing of teachers.
    The Authority’s vision will be to support education in Kenya by providing a quality housing service for teachers. This is achieved through an innovative, effective, efficient and tenant focused approach in the following key result areas:
    Asset Management
    Tenancy Management
    Financial Management
    Operational Management
    Yours Subserviently,
    Quincy Timberlake / Messr – Order of The Distinguished
    President Director – General,
    PlaCenta Party of Kenya

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