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    How to Pass Nursing School


    If your career goal is to become a registered nurse, it all starts with your schooling and training. There is currently a huge demand for registered nurses (RNs) in the United States, so it is a great place to start. After your schooling and hands-on training, you will then become a nursing intern at a hospital or healthcare facility, followed by completing your final exams. If you are looking for tips on surviving and passing nursing school, here are some to help you get started.

    Get Support
    Nursing school isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work. Before you get started, get plenty of support from family and friends. In order to stay motivated, you may need help with studying for exams, finding a sitter for your children, or simply having some emotional support for the times when it gets rough. If you are currently working, getting support also means speaking to your employer and asking for alternative shifts until you are done with nursing school.

    Network With Other Nurses
    Not only do you need support from those closest to you, but from other nurses as well. If you are brand new to the nursing field, there is a lot to learn. Networking with other nurses, whether they are still in school or already their RN license, can help you get insider information into schooling. They can help you study for tests, prepare for training, and give you information or guidance for your next steps after completing school.

    Now is the time to start becoming familiar with the healthcare field by volunteering. If you already work in the healthcare field, this isn’t necessary. But for everyone else, it helps to start volunteering at a local doctor’s office, nursing home, hospital or other type of medical clinic. It can give you some training and experience, and even help you with medical procedures later on. Plus, volunteering looks great on your resume for when you graduate nursing school.

    Become Informed
    If you start becoming informed and thinking like a nurse, you will excel in nursing school and pass for sure. Listen or read the news, follow healthcare and nursing blogs, subscribe to their feeds and learn more about the field in general, not just schooling.

    Consider Nursing School an Investment
    Getting your finances straightened out sooner rather than later is another thing to consider. Nursing school isn’t cheap, but it is also a great investment in your future. You are not just enrolling in school, but looking toward a lifelong career as an RN or a BSN if you choose that option. Create a budget, find out about costs, and apply for grants or scholarships. If you are on a tight budget, there is a lot of help out there to pay for nursing school. Finances should not be the thing you stress about the most when you’re trying to pass nursing school.


    Check out Books and Guides

    While you are trying to get through training, some books can help you learn tips and tricks on making through nursing school. S.L. Page's book, How to Pass Nursing School, is one such book.

    These tips help guide you in the right direction. Above all, take nursing school seriously and make sure you make time to study. While it may feel like it takes up a lot of your time, keep the end goal in mind.

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