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    Posted January 1, 2014 by
    Brampton, Ontario
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    Terrorism & Pakistan.

    Terrorism a word literally unknown in Pakistani society till the 1970’s & 1980 but the country was heading towards an unknown disaster, one could feel. But the elite/politicians were having fun including the various defence and security agencies of Pakistan. As my native country till than had been so used to army rule, that it was accepted by the (so called) political elite. Same political faces were and are till date seen enjoying their federal and parliamentary membership status.
    Then came the real power struggle “that who would (really) run the show” i.e. the army, the so called (ever hoodwinking and never taking a real stance) majority political elite, the forever strong ISI (Pakistan’s most powerful security agency) or the real master who pay these all and call the shots, yes no other than the good old United States and its biggest allies in the gulf, such as the Kingdoms of the (Sunni) Arab world like Saudi Arabia.
    Now when so many (wanted and unwanted) shareholders want to run the show and each having its separate (secret) agendas, things are usually likely to get confused. But in Pakistan’s case things not only got confused but the fact of the matter is that they went out of hand rather out of everyone’s hands. And when situations like these do take place usually the blame game starts and that is Pakistan administration and media’s favorite pass time these days.
    We have had provincial governors, federal ministers; ex prime ministers assassinated usually the culprits never get apprehended and if at all they do get caught like is the case in the murder of Punjab governor late Salman Taseer killed by his on duty body guard. No court or government agency has the courage even to discuss it, leave aside trying the cold blooded murderer. The so called independent/free media even does not have the guts to discuss it.
    And the talk is that the government wants to end terrorism, to my ears it sounds like a joke gone terribly wrong.
    Now the question is who in my native country has the nerve to deal with this lawlessness? My simple answer is “no one”.
    Unfortunately I see my beloved native land slowly drifting towards a “civil war”; I really hope I am wrong; a bloody rift between the ranks of Pakistan army will soon come to limelight. Things at this stage have gone so wrong that anything other than this only seems “wishful thinking”.
    My prayers and best wishes are and always would be for the country of my birth but am just calling a spade a spade here. Hope I am understood and not misunderstood.

    Akbar Warris 416-371-9849
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