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    Posted January 3, 2014 by
    Belize, Belize
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    Thou shall have no other Gods; Images before Me!

    Prophet Jorge Ernesto Babb · Assistant Director at Saint Anothony Trading Company

    I am so Happy and Excited to hear *Today's 2014; Pope Francis; Head of the same Roman Empire who Crucified the *Blessed Temple of God Jesus; All in Vain; to Say There is No Hell Fire Nor Adam and Eve! Why? For I Jorge Ernesto Prophet Babb; a Born Belizean Arab Seed; Sown my Spiritual Revelation 1997-2010 in only God Jesus Christ Our Lord way and Truth; Using No; No Woes Religious Traditions and Cultures; and today I am Reaping the Real Truth of the Roman Empire Holy Father Leader! For the Real Truth of Pope Francis is He is Lost; Confused and Ignorant to Our Lord God Christ Jesus Way; Truth and Spiritual Salvation! For God Jesus Sown to come *As A Thief in the Night*; Meaning God Jesus came Within Every Human Race as a Spiritual Comforter; to Teach and Guide Every Individual! Where each and every Individual Human race has a Free Will to seek God Jesus through The Spirit and do not need any *Woes Religious Traditions and Cultures anymore!
    For 2007 Years the Roman Empire Dominated many Human race; as Myself as a Child; all in Vain; For only God Christ Jesus Our Lord Holy Prophecies shall save and Conquer All Evil; Corruption and Lies of the Human Race; the Almighty Flesh! For Hell is a Revelation of Creation as a Cycle of the Almighty Flesh to Destroy Itself through One Almighty Mother of Creation *The Devil/Fire/Sin*! For the World Today in 2014; as all The Almighty Flesh of Creation will Probably not Accept; that the Only Almighty Hell of Creation is the *Shinning Sun*; which was the First World of Creation in Heaven; Home of the Devil; for all 10 almighty white supremacy god seed of creation cannot Change their Characteristic of their pass destruction by Fire! For as we read Revelation 12; This Blessed Heaven of The Sun became a Burning Hell; as The Dead Almighty gods as the Dragon; Satan/Murderer; The Cunning Beast Angels and The Woman/Devil was Thrown Out of Heaven; Today 2014 as the Ten White Supremacy Almighty gods of Evil/Death! Today as we the Human race Reaping what God Jesus Sown in The Father's Prayer *Our Father who art in Heaven; Let it be Done on Earth as it was in Heaven; So Naturally they Long to go to Hell; Their Original Heaven in the Beginning!
    This was why as we read in Genesis; One God of Power True Love; Jehovah; Jah; etc; Only Son of Our Lord God Christ Jesus Made Man; in Christ Image and Likeness as *ADAM*! Adam of Course was Not Thrown from Heaven with the Beast Seed in Revelation 12; but Adam as the Lost Sheep of Christ; was Sown on Earth as the Power and Salvation of Creation! Adam was **The Black Unfaithful Seed of Christ*! Why Unfaithful? Because Adam is the Natural Seed of Christ that became Man Through the Almighty Unfaithful Flesh of the Devil! So Naturally as God Jesus Principles of Creation Sown a Free Will to all seed of Creation; to choose me/right or death/wrong! Adam as the Black Unfaithful Seed of Christ and Unfaithful Flesh/Sin of the Devil choose Death as the Natural Characteristic of the Flesh; Alongside his Blessed Daughter Eve/Woman!
    This was where One God of Power True Love; of Our Lord God Christ Jesus Spiritual Revelation was Sown unto the Generation of Adam/Eve; Slowly but Surely! where Adam's Seed Unfaithfulness; Changed the Real and True Revelation and Salvation of Our Lord God Christ Jesus way and Truth; for Instead of Jesus and Abel be Born into Creation; Satan/Cain and Abel was Born; where Cain/Satan Son of the Murderer Cunning Beast Seed; Killed Abel same as today Creole Seed as Blessed Temple of God Jesus; all in Vain! So as a Hurricane; Creation was Made into Four Phases of Our Lord God Christ Jesus way and Truth both Spiritually and Physically; to CONQUER the Dead Almighty God Seed of Creation! For God Jesus as the Spiritual Hurricane; We the Creole Seed became the Physical Hurricane in the year 2008! Why? Simple to Understand the Years 2007-3000 are as the third Day of Resurrection for all blessed temples of God Jesus Revelation as the Creole Seed of Salvation! For as the Evidence is there; His Excellency President Barack Obama became first Creole President of USA; as His Excellency Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow became first Creole Prime Minister of Belize; Historical Facts! For Adam was only a Tropical Wave Phase One; Noah a Tropical Depression Phase Two; as Moses was The Tropical Storm that Physically Destroyed The The White Supremacy Almighty God Pharaoh; Egyptian Army in the Red Sea!
    So Today 2014; as we Listen to a Almighty Flesh as The Roman Catholic Pope to teach us the blessed innocent Children of God Jesus Spiritual Salvation; we Shall all Perish and Be Lost; Confused and Ignorant as The Pope; because His Inspiration and plan of Making Women Bishops; Pope Etc; cannot change the plans of God Jesus Prophecy and Creation of a Man/Woman becoming One! For God Made Adam and Eve; Never Made Adam to live with Steve! So my friends please understand as God Jesus Sown Love; Honor; Respect; Unite with One Another No Matter What; Love their Enemies; because All Almighty Flesh are One Dead Almighty Seed of the Devil/SIN! So who has no Sin Through the First Stone! What the Roman Empire Sown for 2007 Years that they shall Reap! One Love God Bless!
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