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    Posted January 3, 2014 by
    BANGKOK, Thailand

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    Source: Naew Na; Date: Dec 31, 2013


    In the middle of the night of Dec 29, 2013, an adverse event happened to Attorney “Nok Khao” Nitithorn Lamlua. He is a KPT’s advisor who is currently playing a role of the vanguard for the fight against the Thaksin regime.


    This underscores the inherent viciousness of Thaksin regime that its nature has never changed.


    Attorney Nok Khao recounted, “I left the assembly area and before reaching Nang Lerng Junction, there were 2 vehicles drawing alongside. I felt something was not right so I asked the driver to accelerate. Those vehicles sped up as well. Once we passed Nang Lerng, we crossed a bridge to Urupong Junction and our car was stuck at a red light. Those vehicles were drawing up alongside us so I told the driver to run the red light. Once we crossed the intersection, there were additional vehicles trailing and chasing us to Rajthevi Junction. We took a left and before we reached Phaya Thai BTS, a pickup truck passed us on the right and crosscut us. There were able-bodied men using M-4 firearms with silencer attached to the barrel cutting in front of our car. I told the driver to veer to the right but there was another sedan coming up to block us. I told the driver to veer to the right further and immediately make a u-turn. The sedan was about to follow when it was hit by a hired motorcycle so it could not do so in time. However, a person jumped out of the pickup truck, ran across the traffic island, stood there and aimed his gun at us. I told the driver to drive through without stopping under any circumstance. We got back on the same route and returned to the assembly area.”


    Attorney “Nok Khao” Nitithorn Lamlua barely escaped the savage clutches!


    When considering the use of armed threat to aggressively attack opponents in this manner, it confirms this was a “conspiracy.” It is truly the way the Thaksin regime’s jackals work.


    1) Just only a month prior on Dec 28, 2013, Suthep Thaugsuban, PDRC’s Secretary-General, spoke on stage and mentioned that evil police were conniving and back-biting dogs in the ambush of KPT guards with M-16 in the middle of the night that killed Yuthana Oang-art.


    Suthep specified that police minions of Pol. Gen Adul, Pol. Lt. Gen Vorapong, and Pol. Lt. Gen. Kamronvit, have reportedly listed Nitithorn Lamlua, Chumpol Julsai (Luk Mee), and him as targets to be adjudicated without going through courts. So why do we have laws when they can just kill anyone in this country?


    2) The sensational incident that happened to attorney “Nok Khao” causes us to have a flashback to the abduction and murder of Attorney Somchai Neelapaijit. It was an act of police lackeys of Thaksin regime. They attack those perceived as enemies to the regime absolutely without regards to the laws of the realm or humanitarian principles.


    Attorney Somchai Neelapaijit was a former President of Muslim Attorneys Association, a former Vice Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, and part of the Public Legal Aid Commission of the Attorney Council. He took up the duty as an attorney to the accused charged with insurgency in the southern border provinces, for example, the case of Guoheng burning down a school in 1994 and another case of Dr. Ware involving with the JI terrorist group.


    The work of Attorney Somchai in many cases exposed the evil behaviors of the police such as assaulting and torturing suspects to get confessions and so on.


    On the night of March 12, 2003, Attorney Somchai was trailed close by 5-6 men in a vehicle and hit in the rear end while he was driving his own car. When he stopped to talk to those men, they physically assaulted him by punching him in the stomach. They pushed him into their vehicle and drove away.


    After the incident, Thaksin Shinawatra gave an interview to the media and digressed, “Somchai Neelapaijit, the lawyer for the suspect in the JI case, did not disappear. He just had some problems. He quarreled with his wife, escaped to Bangkok, and cut off all contacts with others.”


    Thaksin further gave an interview that distorted the issue, and expunged the investigation to cause distraction in fact finding processes as well. He said on March 19, 2003, “From the preliminary investigation and initial news, I guarantee there were no government officials involved. I beg the media to give fair treatment to the country’s image. Don’t jump to conclusion because as far as the preliminary investigation is concerned, it is not yet clearly evidenced that government officials were involved. Don’t forget that a lot of innocent officials and people have been killed and we have not yet given them justice. It is because they were not cool, isn’t it? Don’t think like that.”


    Thaksin government failed completely in the investigation. It did not cooperate with various checks and balances mechanisms such as a Senate Commission, etc.


    Finally, when Thaksin was out of power, the case went to the Court of Justice. The court clearly adjudicated that the operators or the team that abducted Attorney Somchai were police such as Pol. Maj. Ngern Thongsuk who was given a 3-year imprisonment.


    One part of the verdict indicated that Pol. Maj. Tinakorn Kasornbua, a witness, testified, “Meanwhile, there was news that the investigators had information that Pol. Lt. Col. Charnchai Likhitkanthasorn, Crime Suppression Division Superintendant, said something to Pol. Col. Tavee Sordsong who used to be his superior and who later transferred to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). Pol. Col. Tavee said before Attorney Somachai was abducted, Pol. Lt. Col. Charnchai met with a group of people he knew in front of the Division. Pol. Lt. Col. Charnchai asked what they were doing. They said they were going to kidnap the bandit lawyer.”


    Attorney Somchai was targeted by police in the Thaksin regime and accused of being a bandit lawyer.


    This is the same as Attorney “Nok Khao” Nitithorn Lamlua who has been fighting state power to help people all these times. He is currently accused of being a rebel and targeted by police in the Thaksin regime because he presents himself as an adversary to the regime.


    3) In times passed, there have also been numerous cases of assassinations, kidnappings and murders, and homicide outside legal system under the Thaksin regime.


    This is particularly so for those mainstays and community leaders that helped the public oppose the government, fighters to preserve community and human rights, and environmental conservationists. They were killed outside judicial system in many areas. Those examples include:


    Jurin Ratchaphol (Thalang district, Phuket province)
    Narin Phodaeng (Khao Chamao district, Rayong province)
    Pitak Doanvut (Nernmaparng district, Phitsanulok province)
    Chaveewan Peeksungnern (Sungnern district, Nakhon Ratchasima province)
    Kaew Pinpanma (Doi Lor subdistrict, Chiang Mai province)
    Suwat Wongpiyasathit (Bang Phli district, Samutprakan province)
    Somporn Chanapol (Kanchana district, Surat Thani province)
    Boonsom Nimnoi (Ban Laem district, Petchburi province)
    Preecha Thongpan (Thungsong district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province)
    Boonyarit Chanarong (Ta Chana district, Surat Thani province)
    Boonyong Intawong (Wiangchai district, Chiang Rai province)
    Kampan Suksai (Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai province)
    Chuan Chamnarnkit (Chawang district, Nakhon Ratchasima province)
    Samnao Srisaengkarm (Nam Pong district, Khonkaen province)
    Chareon Wadaksorn (Bor Nork district, Prajuab Kirikhan province)
    Suphol Sirichan (Lampang province)
    Pakwipa Chalermklin (Pa Moak district, Arng-Thong province)
    Supoj Suwajo, a monk (Phang district, Chiang Mai province)


    Also included is the case of Shipping Moo or Kornthep Viriya, the key witness in the tax evasion case of communication equipment import of Shin Satellite Company.


    This reflects the neglect or conniving that has led to the killings of Thaksin regime’s opponents, not to mention 2500 murders in the war on drugs.


    The case of murdering Thaksin regime’s opponents in the era of puppet governments, both openly at the hands of redshirts and armed forces in black, and even the kidnapping and murder of Akeyuth, have added more scandals to the regime.


    A government that savagely uses force and state power with no regards to the laws and justice system is a criminal government!


    Armed forces that serve a tyrannical government that does not accept court jurisdiction and violates Constitution are criminals!


    By Sarnsom

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