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    Is America lost?


    Looks to me like we are spending millions of dollars trying to change the government and everyone and they’re dog is upset about something but nothing ever gets changed.


    Are Americans weak? The lack of interest in social programs that need to be changed and the dwindling of our infrastructure like roads, water and power systems have gone to such a place that we are mimicking the Russians after the cold war. But this time we spend all of our motivation wondering who is going to win the super bowl or chasing the opposite sex and it seems like no one cares. The government is supposed to fear the people but more often it seems now days the people fear the government and we have a unstable increase in the population of our prisons. The problem I see is the luster and appeal that crime gives to our kids and the mounting issue with underage pregnancies. I predict in the next 20 years were going to find that our doctors, teachers and all the professional jobs that our society needs is going to be out sourced and people imported to supply the demand for such jobs(Because education isn’t as important as it used to be). Somehow our morals in America have given its self over to a materialistic need for things that we cannot pay for because we rob steal and pillage for things instead of working hard for them. The only way it seems to break this cycle is not going to prison or joining the army (which doesn’t really pay that well anyway) but our kids don’t dream of such things. What’s our world coming too? Are we really so blind to the happenings around us? China is overcoming its poverty and other world nations wipe the floor with us in education. We can’t continue in this fashion and even though everyone seems to know there is a problem with government spying and our economy is a flake away from collapse, we are to worried about whose going to win the super bowl. Has America gone the way of a vagrant society that itches to dream to go to prison? Our television shows are all built around an idea that people want to see pregnant teens or divorced families and vaineful ideals. We watch TV more than we read a book. 30 years ago it was the other way around. The television shows I grew up to celebrated love and compassion for each other like the show "boy meets world" where we didn’t have to have disgusting people and horrible circumstances like "Breaking bad" to grab the attention of people. "Breaking Bad” celebrates meth and celebrates the king pin life style that kids now days are dreaming to become. Meth is a huge social problem bigger than any other problem we have had in America for a long time. It is killing people, it’s causing families to break up, people go to prison for the rest of their lives and even though these problems our society faces are here the television programs are making money off that celebration. How is it that we allow these things to be put onto a pedestal that make people be influenced by such things? We consume the crap around us like it is the norm like the world is supposed to be a place of corruption and greed. Our greed is an ever consuming delinquency that we cannot even look out for our brother. We can’t even look out for a family member unless that family member does something for us. The family values that once were celebrated are now the idiotic ideals of a few morons that our society has deemed them. The world is dying and we are going to choke on our own pollution and I for one don’t feel sorry for us we did it to ourselves, but I would still like to see a change. I dream of a day our society pulls the rains back from the people who seem to want to do the world harm and separate ourselves from the sex, drugs, alcohol and money life style we live for now. I think were on the edge of that collapse in society as well as physically as our infrastructure dies. The world needs a wakeup call and I am afraid when it finally happens it is going to be too late. Why do we wait until were basically freezing and hungry before everyone realizes the mistakes they made? DO we need an adult to hold our hand through the progression of the future? Can’t we honestly make a valiant effort for all man to become better than what our fathers have been or is this going to be the first time in the history of man to fall behind what our parents built? I think we still have a chance to change but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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