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    Fall of the Berlin Wall

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    Who said COLD WAR was over ?


    We  all only go by what governments and the media tell us because that's  the only way MOST folk can get any news or facts anyway !

    I  have been a reporter, foreign correspondent and war correspondent since  55 and I have news for y'all...the cold war, if anything has gotten  warmer!

    History shows us that espionage,, especially among the most powerful countries has, if anything, intensified.

    With the advent of today's high-tech and satellites, snooping has become an art and science in every sense of the word !

    It  is easy for some officials to smile and declare that there is NO more  cold war as the popular phrase goes but I for one NEVER bought the  rhetoric.

    With  rogue countries like North Korea and Iran for example obsessed with WMD  and horrific oppressions, not to mention endless threats of Armageddon how can anyone seriously believe cold or warm wars are anywhere near  over when in fact, if anything they are rapidly increasing right before  our eyes on a daily basis, the intensifying provocations between Japan and China are perfect examples !

    No  the cold war (s) ain't over.....in fact.....they are getting HOTTER all  the time ! The rest is just facades and wishful thinking !



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    19 hours ago

    You are absolutely correct. For us Americans we are now fighting the cold war right here at home as more and more communists have taken power within our own government. McCarthy was right all along.



    Totally Agree! We have a global cold and sparking hot war going on 24/7/365. Looks like a major new Gulf war with Iran may be coming as early as this year. They are the major supporters of anti-Western terrorism as well as developing nuclear weapons. The CIA is busier than a one handed dairy farmer directing civilian and military strikes and NSA is tapping everything from Internet hubs to cell phones. Satellites, planes and drones are watching and photographing every inch of ground.



    As a former US sailor, soldier, marine and fed, I totally agree. We are in a screaming super nasty cold and hot war. Major countries are using proxy armies and spy vs spy has not seen like this since WW2. The CIA using civilian, foreign and US military operatives is busier than a one handed dairy farmer.

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