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    Tokyo, Japan

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    A little inspiring poetry from me to brighten up 2014


    UKIP's time is coming soon
    Tories and lib dems aren't imune
    Labor will surely be beat
    Nigel's team will grab their seat

    Time for real change is due
    Not just for the rich few
    Make Britain British again
    UKIP is bound to gain


    Open the palaces castles too
    They really belong to me and you
    Not to a handful of royals for sure
    They should house Britain's poor

    In a country advanced and rich
    No one should sleep in a ditch
    Some folk have it all and more
    They should share it with the poor


    " If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

                                    Thomas Jefferson


    America's constitution is a great doc
    Sadly it can also be a lot of croc
    Cops are the rich folks security whores
    Woe betide the poor who break any laws

    It's the same in merry ole England too
    Cross the lines and you are in the stew
    Royals and wealthy can do no wrong
    Laws are made to protect the strong

    If with justice you are obsessed
    Truth is you will just be oppressed
    The rich folk can always make bail
    The rest will always just go to jail




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