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    Posted January 4, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    The United States- Where Corporations are 'People' and People are 'Fixtures'

    Corporations might be 'people' now according to Mitt Romney and the U.S. Supreme Court, but they just aren't good citizens.
    We recently saw where a local Pizza Hut franchise fired a manager for refusing to be open on a holiday.
    Pizza Hut corporate pressured the franchise to reconsider the firing after a firestorm of negative publicity.
    But this was only one of many cases that happen daily in America now.
    During the recent ice storm, here in Watertown, NY, our Salmon Run Mall was open as was McDonald's and many other businesses.
    Employees were told to show up to work even when the County Sheriff's department had closed the roads and declared a state of emergency.
    When corporations put their business interests over the moral and safety concerns of their employees, it's time for workers to push back.
    When business doesn't pay employees enough to live on, which leave those workers no choice but to seek help from our government in the form of food stamps and Medicaid, while these same companies are earning record profits, their bottom line isn't really accurate.
    When government fails to regulate these companies by demanding fair wages and working conditions for employees, then our government representatives are failing us.
    But when corporations are now people and people are treated simply as fixtures, why would corporations feel the need to consider the needs of their workers when government does nothing to pass and enforce common sense laws?
    This is what's happened to our country.
    This is what happened to Rome and other great civilizations when corruption and greed took precedent over the needs and concerns of the citizens of that country.
    And this is what is happening in the United States now.
    Promises made to workers and then broken by our government and their employers are a measure of a country's demise.
    And we see America is in decline while many defend the very immorality that is causing our demise.
    This is what happens when greed takes precedent over human dignity and safety.
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