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    Posted January 5, 2014 by

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    10th election and its aftermath


    Today 10th election held with low turnout and even more than half of the seats declared winners previously as there were no opposite contestant. Opposition lead 18 party did not attend this election as they were asking for a neutral government that was previously installed in the constitutions; which were removed by recent constitutional updates by the ruling Awamileague. .Also Tareq Raman the Opposition’s one of the top leader who is currently in United Kingdom urges the countryman to avoid the election yesterday with a video message. Till then unrest is all around and many people including government forces died in clashes between 18 party alliances.
    Many security measures have been taken and many forces installed countrywide. Today 147 seats is underway to select their leaders for the 10 th Parliament. In the meanwhile last night opposition and their alliances has clashes and burnt many around 100 plus polling stations while around 20 people has been confirmed dead till now with clashes in different parts of the country. Some places gone without voters fully and not even a single vote casted.
    Around fifty percent of the parliament seats already had been declared uncontested winners previously. Many new voters complained that it could have been better. And even today's election there were very low presence of voters in first four hours it's been noted that around 15% or even less people arrived in different city polling stations. Many candidates complained for voting with enforcement and false votes in remote places where there were not many media watchers as the election was one sided there's a lot of vote irregularity has been heard and we heard a man telling a source that he himself casted 500 votes in Bhola a remote district .
    So in overall this newly elected government where no wonder the ruling Awamileague is winning with more than two third majorities will still be in question. No international organizations came to watch the election without our neighboring India and Bhutan
    For various security and burnt stations reasons left 143 stations out of polls. The opposition already declared another 48 hours of strike countrywide and protest this election as this is just a glimpse of drama. So the country is still going similar unrest and with an unknown fate.

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