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    Posted January 5, 2014 by
    Montreal, Quebec
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    Changed your mind about marijuana?

    It was only a matter of time

    We all knew that this day would come, sooner or later. After years of existence of places like Amsterdam and Jamaica, it was only a matter of time until the U.S. came next. All it took was for one state to actually do it. To make that first move. I'm sure that in years to come, many other states will follow. Now here's why I think that this legalization isn't as bad as we could perceive it.

    I was born in a small town in South Carolina. I grew up surrounded by smokers; my mom and dad, their friends, and a big part of my family. All I want to point out here is that I never, ever missed out on anything. I was always very well fed, nicely dressed, filed with school supplies and especially, I was loved and cared for. My parents never chose drugs over me (because pot was even more of a drug then than now, it has became so popular) and I highly respect them for that.

    Unfortunately, they got divorced when I was 10, and I moved with my mom up to her native country: Canada. Looking on the bright side, I obtained double citizenship, and was fully bilingual by the age of 12. High school were definitely some tough years for me. I started hanging out with older people and yes, I also became a pot smoker. When my mom found out, she freaked. (even though she is still a smoker as of today) She kept telling me that she didn't want me making the same mistakes she did. What mistakes, exactly? Because I think you did a pretty good job! My dad's reaction was much smoother, it sounded something like: "Well, maybe be could smoke one together some time." My whole childhood, my parents smoked marijuana and I NEVER EVEN DOUBTED IT. Until, of course, I discovered it myself, with friends. Then I knew. I didn't end up a smoker becaue of finding a bud in the couch, neither picking out of an ashtray, and surely not one of my family members offering it to me. I started and continued to smoke pot by my own will. Why? The first couple of years, at a younger age, I'll be honest, it was for fun. It was this social thing we did in partys or after school. I've never been a drinking person, neither has any of my family. So maybe that's why I kept on smoking pot, to maintain the certain peace it brung to many family an friend relationships. I have never seen smoking as a wall or an ennemy, it has never kept me from working or studying full time, from having a normal life like my parents offered me.

    Legalization, should, of course, come with educational programs. Send health professionals in schools to give young adults more information than: 'Weed gets you high'. Smoking is NOT good for you, and everyone should be informed of that. It's a choice. After years of being a smoker I am fully aware of what it does to the brain and body. And I keep smoking not because of the addiction, but because of the peace and calm it brings to my everyday life. Hippies were hated because people were jealous of their happiness, which explains them being treated as drug addicts. And this battle shall go on..
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