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    Talking to teens: Driving

    Driving with Dad

    Whether it was because of my love for cars at a very young age or just my dad's desire to teach me to drive, I started to learn at a very young age. I got a little red Ferrari car when I was just a toddler. I would race around the neighborhood and pick up friends in Champaign, Illinois (we have since moved to Eugene, Oregon). My dad told me later that driving that car taught me at a very young age how to use depth perception and braking and about the turning radius - he said I'd race up the sidewalk and turn the wheel while hitting the brakes and miss the porch by just an inch, then causing me to break out in laughter.

    As I got older, around age 12, he would take me out to a big park and let me steer the car as I sat on his lap. A couple years later, and a few inches taller, I would get the drivers seat all to myself! I loved driving around all the different parking lots in the park while we waited for my mom to finish her run.

    When I finally went to get my drivers permit at age 15, the drivers ed teacher was shocked at my driving ability - I only had to parallel park once while my partner was forced to do it several times.

    At the time my dad owned a side business that made him drive all over town several times a day, and, because of this, I racked up the required hours behind the wheel in no time at all.

    But my dad wasn't just giving me regular driving lessons. The most memorable one I had was when he took me out after a blizzard. We got out on one of the streets by our house and he told me to floor it. The car starting reacting as it would under such circumstances and as it did he instructed me how to get it back in control. Then, once I mastered that, he had me get up to a decent speed and slam on the breaks, sending the car sliding all over. Again, he taught me how to regain control and what not to do in these situations.

    To this day I still remember everything my dad taught me about driving - I'm 25 now. If I ever have a child I will definitely teach my kid in the exact same way.
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