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    Posted January 6, 2014 by

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    Technology Rift: Genesis in 3D in Art 'Hall of Fractals - Cathedral Dreamer'


    Not often Digital Art will make it into 'Breaking News'. Today in less than 10 hours, ecactly at 1.22 PM PDT, which is 21.22 GMT, this might happen. Why this?


    Two reasons: Technology and 'Prison and Freedom'


    Let´s start with technology and let me use some terms used in this field. Art can be presented in 'RL' [=Real Life: gallery, exhibition, museum], in 'the internet' seen in 2D via a standard webbrowser or 'in 3D'. For a 3D experience you need an advanced browser with an embedded 3D-viewer, like Google Chrome or you have a 3D viewer as 'stand-alone' application program running under Windows, Mac or Unix.

    I talk now about 3D viewers as an application program as there is the maximum of 3D technology inside: Interactivity between users [shared knowlegde] and other grids [hypergrid.network jumps], building capabilities [=it all starts with a cube. remember this slogan?]. This type of viewer communicates with a database and a server cluster to decide about redendering the objects you see. You just dowload the viewer, which is mostly an opensource tool, from a trusted source, like Google or Sourceforge with code set on MIT/openlicence or CC BY-SA, install it and then you 'login'.


    For the login you need login-data, usually they are called 'Avatar', as this sounds cool and user-like. So give yourself a name and a password and up you go. You choose a grid, basically a server system where are 100 or 1000 worlds inside. Such server systems are often hosted by Amazon as they offer cost efficient and balanced high performance access around the globe.


    As I said in 10 hours there will be a 'grid event' where a 3D world of art will 'rezz' instantly - and you will be able to watch 'this' happen. Yesterday in Facebook at the Science Circle 'this' was blogged.


    I copy the entry: "... Then I hear the murmur of voices. I remember some of them, shortly before Babel happened and the tower collapsed. I hear syllables, words without any meaning to me. >> This is all done without a region-restart. Without an avatar eject. We are in the middle of a terraforming. OAR-upload. << Then I hear someone saying. Gem Preiz is noted on his tag. >> Dual world performance <<. “Dual world performance”, I repeat. ... "


    This brings me to the second reason: Prison and Freedom. Watch out the movie I linked in. There you see a person, a sculpture, a 'noob' in a cage and fractal art at the walls. These forms of digital math-based art are looking industrial, depressing and beautiful at the same time. At RIFTHORIZON gallery you will find after the grand opening more of them and also of a different style, but now it shall be this Hall of Prison and Freedom in focus.
    I give word to the curator of this exhibition, Neo Gurgelwasser: "When I saw the ´noobs´ in the cage and in contrast the beauty of the underwater world but also the ´working noobs´ building up a cathedral, all made by the same program, all just fractals in 3D, instantly an idea came up in my mind. What a a coincidence! I just ordered the book ´Prison and Freedom´ [original Tiur'ma i Volia] written in 2012 by Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Not many may know that he is a writer. The world press sees in him a potential to trigger a change in Russia: ´Stay out of politics, be new Alexander Solzhenitsyn´ [Economic Times]. "


    Become a whitness today and watch the Genesis of a world of art in 3D. Create an Avatar via Metropolis [-> hypergrid.org - choose English] download one of the recomended 3D viewers, search for map RIFT HORIZON and teleport there. For an Instant Message [IM] you shall speak to Avatar First Prim or maybe even the artist, the creator of this world will offer you a chat. His name Gem Preiz aka Bernard Michel from Paris. He also made the video.


    Safe travel to Metropolis! I will sit in Santorini and watch it live as this technology will be used in the 1st virtual Biennial, 2015, powered by VISIT [Germany] and IPAC [Greece]

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