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    Posted January 6, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware

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    Tiffany Foxx: Having Goals Of Another Level

    St. Louis’s own Tiffany Foxx is a force to be reckoned with! Her humble personality and eccentric spirit made this interview perfect! I must admit I didn’t know what to expect when interviewing Ms. Foxx. I must say this woman is very wise beyond her years. Although she’s talented in music, Tiffany has other talents as well such as hosting and acting. What stood out to me the most was her drive. She was still kind of enough to allow me to interview her with her busy schedule.

    Now, I know you may be wondering, where did Tiffany Foxx come from in the hip-hop world? I first saw her debut appearance on the 2013 Bet’s cypher. Let me just say me and the rest of the world needed to pick up our jaws! Seeing Tiffany come out with Lil Kim was epic! The crowd was hype and the views and ratings were outstanding. Tiffany was bright, fresh, and her skills were definitely off the chain!

    Foxx’s mix tape “Goal Diggers” is the talk of the town! I mean her lyrics and the way that she expresses herself is new. In this mix tape Tiffany talks about her trials and things that she’s endured as an artist, woman, and collective. Fans are impatiently waiting for an album but Tiffany says, “ I’m going to give my fans an album but not just yet.” Her song “ Jay-Z” featuring Lil Kim was a song that the fans really liked. Lil Kim is one of the greatest rappers off all time in my opinion and I’m glad that she’s working with Tiffany Foxx. But, believe or not, Tiffany has been in the business for quite some time. Growing up in a Christian household, Tiffany’s mother wanted her to go to school and get a job. She was prepared for that life, but something inside her wanted more. She got her first shot in the video “ Country Grammar” by Nelly.

    Inspired that a local artist made it, Foxx wanted to do the same. From that point on Tiffany decided to do it. She took the steps and moved to California where she was first signed with Snoop Dogg with a single deal! From there she was in a group and then decided to go solo and get with Lil Kim. She opened several times for Lil Kim, but it was then when she was embraced by her style and personality. “ When I met Lil Kim, I was so excited. Kim listened to my mix tape and said,” Tiffany you are very talented and your style is crazy!” Lil Kim sent her vocals and they began collaborating. ” I was excited because it’s a lot of rejection that comes with this business. I’ve been promised things where people say they are going to do something and not do it. Kim is a sweet individual. She’s so adorable”, Foxx says.

    I notice that people compare Tiffany to Nicki Minaj and let me tell you they are not one in the same. Tiffany’s style is very different from other MC’s as it should be. All artists should have something that makes them unique and with Tiffany she has a couture way about her look and a settle way with her lyrics. So, what’s next for Ms. Foxx? She has a new mix tape that’s coming out on Valentine’s Day so stay tuned! This tape shows her more lyrical side and shows she can handle her own with the boys! Her strong faith in God is so inspiring and it speaks volumes. Tiffany is very humble and has been blessed with many hats. Speaking of hats, Tiffany will be on Tv, in films, and have a clothing line in the future. I will say that I can’t wait! Tiffany I’m a true supporter of you and your brand! She’s also writing a book. “ I don’t just stop at one thing.” Fans were worried that Tiffany would be molded into being something that wasn’t her. Let me know that’s far from the case. Tiffany is her person she is the boss of her own right. I asked Tiffany,” What quote or quotes do you like to go by.” Her response, “ OH that’s so cute, what quote do I like to go by.” We both instantly started laughing. “ Whatever you say about me, you will never put broke in the sentence”, Foxx says. Her influences are God, Lil Kim, her mother, her grandmother and of course her fans! Tiffany gives great tribute to her fans. Tiffany says, “ Wow. I’m so close with my fans they are like my men and women. I love my fans.”

    Today has been awesome being able to spend time with Tiffany and chatting with her. Her story has been so profound and impactful and she’s definitely making noise in the hip-hop community. Foxx hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface with all that she has to offer. The world should get ready because Tiffany Foxx is taking over!
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