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    New Stupid Term for 2014 Already?

    I remember a few years ago it was vitriol. Vitriol, vitriol, vitriol every damn day. Not that it was a new term. Of course it was already a word but it got used over and over and over.

    I don't remember what last year's word was. I'm sure I could think of it if I put some effort to it but I don't want to. It's another stupid term that was used to much. Someone else can remind me and everyone else what it was right here.

    This year, it's "polar vortex". Yeah okay. It's a damn snow storm circulating around a low pressure system coming out of the arctic. It's not really that uncommon. It's just colder than average, they say in the last 20 years which means it has happened before. Now we have a sinister name for it because the press loves that dramatized crap.

    Vortex a mass of spinning air, liquid, etc., that pulls things into its center.

    A hurricane, a tornado, a noreaster, a circulating low pressure system of any kind.

    "Polar Vortex" the new stupid, will be over used term of 2014.

    Now to see what the next stupid teenage term will be for 2014.
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