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    Posted January 7, 2014 by

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    What am I whining about?

    Last week, I penned an article regarding California’s new law regarding the bathroom use of transgender children. I should not have written this.

    It’s not that I’m not entitled to my views, I am. But I failed to recognize the impact that my reckless tangent would have on certain people. Warranted or not, sometime sticks and stones can do less harm than words.

    After posting the article, I received a massive lashing from a plethora of people in the transgender community, and their friends. I strongly held my position, as I believed was right. But, inevitably, needed to do some genuine reflection.

    Once I paused, put down the Twitter, and thought about the cause and result of what was happening, it occurred to me that my opinion, while entitled, was completely worthless.

    This law has absolutely no impact on my life. My article was simply the gripings of an irritated person that realistically was too far out of his league to be passing judgement in the first place.

    I do stand by the fact that I am entitled to my views. I’m opinionated, I will always be. Saying that, I don’t want to voice an opinion that will inflict pain on others.

    My initial reaction to the response I received was to just savagely rip these people to shreds. Focus on their obvious weak points and capitalize on the ease of attacking them. But they don’t deserve that. And who am I to deliver that blow?

    These thoughts were enforced when I had a chance encounter with a transgender woman, right in the middle of this blast. She wasn’t angry with me because of my words, she was to preoccupied with the devastation of her family disregarding of her. She was on the verge of suicide, based on rejection. I can’t imagine.

    I don’t want to enforce those feelings.

    Am I saying that I’m changing my view of this law? No. But I am saying that people like me should probably be quiet. If this doesn’t impact me directly, should I really be talking about it? Certainly not.

    I’m not generally one for retractions, but given the seriousness and implicitness of this subject, I shall bow out. I will leave this battle to the parties that are actually concerned.

    This will be my final post to CNN iReport. It has been a fun journey, but I suspect my thoughts will be better placed elsewhere, or if they continue to hurt folks, nowhere at all.

    To anyone that I may have hurt, my apologies. It wasn’t my intention.
    Farewell my friends!
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