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    Posted January 7, 2014 by
    Santorini, Greece

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    It´s all experimental.


    When a software engineer is asked if everything was properly tested, he will surely show you the test procedures or react unfriendly as you dare to ask this. When you ask an artist, he might not understand such a question. An art performance is unique and an artist always knows the way out or a way around on the fly.


    If you ask a software artist - and this species is on the way up, just look at the movie making or games producing industry - you will get an interesting answer. Gem Preiz the creator of the 'Hallo of Fractals, The Cathedral Dreamer' asked about 'tested' before the event took place and got back: 'Tested?' and on a second line: 'it´s all experimental'. We don’t talk about accounting software, we talk about life in digital worlds.


    When something does not work, it might be the best way to learn. The crusade in our fast ticking world is that success gains success or you are no longer noticed. So a failure must be a success. But is it not sometimes better to say: ‘it was failure’. And after you left your frustration behind, say: Let´s do again?


    I don’t know for sure. Nevertheless, I was there when the server crashed and the land disappeared after it was already fine made. Why we want to play God? The Hall of Fractal was rezzed as we say [was build] ready to walk for over 20 avatars in a world where usually only a few inhabitants stroll around as this world is far away from the business hubs. So the server got order by an avatar - calling himself 'First Prim' – to self delete and then to bring it back to create 'The Genesis'.


    Then the server reacted like a human. It rebelled: 'First I shall build it up fast, and then out of pleasure for the visitors delete it and then upload the world again? Is it not enough that I created for you a flying rock in the middle of the world with a construction you copied from the movie 'Star Trek. Generations. The Nexus' so you could see miles over miles to the Volcano of Art where the very best Digital artists show their work they made over the last decade? And on top in the other direction of the hemisphere a castle that was inspired by Louis XIV and is used for a Museum of Digital paintings? Do you humans never get enough out of the technology? No, you must build, delete, rebuild and call this Genesis on top! Now see your hubris. I rebel!'


    Sure the server got tamed fast [means was restarted on a different channel with more memory], but all the avatars had already been ejected and re-materialized at the main entrance, the welcome center. But then the door to the land closed and the server could not be entered even now running well which much performance left over. And all the humans have been in good mood all the time. Congrats! - It seems to be a great and friendly community. Many lost their dresses on the server swift, waiting naked in front of the door at the world main hub. It has been like forgetting the house key after leaving the house for the so important morning news in a pyjama in winter.


    A software engineer, responsible for the door management, walked by and said: 'oh you use opensim version 0.7.5 we are on 0.7.8 some will lose their clothes'. It was a little late to know this now. So it was a success: Never before so many avatars lost their clothes! At least not since the last 10 years as this technology started: 'it all starts with a cube' and today we saw, 'that´s true'.


    Enjoy the picture where you see some of the visitors waiting for the Genesis. I pasted in the work 'Doll Face' by Cherry Manga. Cherry came already without clothes to the show and showed herself as an avatar similar to her famous 'Doll Face'. An award winning artist knows what 'it´s all experimental' means!

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