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    Freedom of Enterprise in Turkey?

    The truth about economical freedom in Turkey if your are not a AKP member

    What looks like a minor event from the outside is-in fact- a major example of arbitrariness from local authorities in Istanbul who are
    ruled by the AKP Party.
    This is the Story of an entrepreneur who launched a new and advanced business with good intentions a considerable amount of money ,conformable to law but yet was harassed and hindered by the Istanbul Cemetery Authority in all thinkable ways.

    But to make matter worse when he applied to higher levels of jurisdiction
    his concern was not even answered.
    In order to understand his story this what he is telling:

    “Dear Sirs

    As an entrepreneur and with the intention to add a new and innovative business to the Turkish economy I invested in an enterprise here in Turkey.
    In order to achieve better conditions on the Cemeteries of Istanbul and after extensive researches and preparations I launched the cemetery cleaning project and service in the month of June 2013 on all Cemeteries of Istanbul
    by observing all environmental regulations I invested in special purposed vehicles and machinery, which is enabling us to perform an environmental friendly and totally chemical free cleaning and restoration of tombstones and grave sites.

    In order to pay more attention to the maintenance and conservation of the last resting places –which goes in accordance to the Islamic culture-our company is also offering planting and periodical care service
    For the necessary vehicles and machinery as well as the training of licensed stuff and last not least the marketing of this innovative business I invested approximately about 300 Thousand Turkish Liras.

    But despite the high standard and quality of my enterprise and intensity of the clients demand it was quite irritating that the Central Cemetery Administration of Istanbul was harassing and prohibiting my enterprise
    and refused access even though the grave sites are in private ownership.

    In order to complain against this arbitrary act- which has not any legal basis -I contacted the President of the Republic of Turkey the Turkish Chancellor the Federal Cabinet the Representatives of the Turkish People in Ankara the Governor of Istanbul, the Major of Istanbul as well as the Newspaper Agencies of Istanbul in written form.

    But none of them gave an answer-not even a denial. “

    In spite of an answer from any of these authorities in general was he heard was that if he only had taken an AKP member into his company his business would have been permitted instead of being harassed and hindered.

    The actual point here is that when we look at Turkey and the protests against the reigning AKP Party we usually do not realize in which ways people are concerned and aggrieved in their daily lives and like in this case their pure existence.
    And above all in what range the autocratic way of ruling the authorities causes damage to the economic and future of Turkey.
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