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    Posted January 7, 2014 by
    Southport, North Carolina

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    Photo: Mark Wilsey Jr sitting where Keith should be right NOW!!!!


    Today on an earlier post comments were mostly positive, but there were a few that could turn the stomach of a billy goat. I tried to explain to the family that in a situation like this people will come out of the wood work and say some horrible things. Most people couldn't fathom saying some of these things much less even letting them cross their minds.
    Today my friend and Step brother of Keith Vidal did not heed my warning and took to the comments to see what peoples reactions were.. After reading of prayers and praise he stumbled upon the most deplorable and despicable uses of the English language imaginable.
    I know how he must of felt because I myself had teared up to their hateful rants. I decided not to feed into the negativity where as my friend Mark chose to make it very clear that these people would not and could not effect the message that this tragedy is delivering to us all. The following statement is from the comments on my first ireport. Where The step brother of recently murdered Keith Vidal spoke about his brother.
    Hello. My name is Mark Wilsey. I am the older brother of Keith Vidal. I have read most all of the comments on this post that my dear friend Anthony Owens has written. With that being said I thank each and every one that has showed there support in this time of terrible tragedy in my family's life. As for the other people that have some not so positive things to say: You do not know the history that lies beneath this story. My brother was a young and bright minded person, who will never get the chance to grow old and live all the dreams a young boy could have. We live in a small town and for those of you out there that live in the big city's cant understand that around here everybody knows everybody. with that being said, there has been numerous occasions were Keith has had to be helped by local police to get into a safe place for him as for which he was just recently diagnosed with his terrible condition. So therefor he has not fully coped and found the right medication to suit his needs. being a mental patient is not so cut and dry. sometimes it could take years to find the right combination of medicine that will allow the person to live as normal of a live as he possibly can. something a lot of people take for granted, not knowing what it takes to deal with the struggles my brother endured every day. this was just a very unfortunate situation in which my brother needed to be helped because bottom line is that he was a sick young boy in need of assistance. instead he was gunned down and killed by an officer of the law, a man who is paid with our tax dollars to serve and protect us. My brother was not a threat to anyone in any way. The 911 call was not a panicked or intense call. My father was calm and collected because he knew that Keith was not a threat and only wanted some HELP to get him to the treatment center for medical care.


    This family has endured a terrible amount of grief in the last 48 hrs. So please If you have something negative to say please keep it to your self.. Don't fall into the same category as the Westboro baptist church. Help us bring light to this terrible tragedy and gain justice and closure for Keith and his Family.

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