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    The New York Times, David KirkPatrick, Hadeel al Shalchi & their Murder of Benghazi & America


    It has become both painfully and undeniably clear that the only people who can save Libya are Libyans themselves. We, from Sahbriah to Sahbri, from Shahat to Awjala, from Farrwah Island to the sand seas of Kufrah, have been both so blessed by God and tortured by foreign hands, that in our agony we have let those same foreign hands now bless us with torture. We must never forget the day Mutassim Gaddafi, looking extra disturbed and creepily dressed for a night at the Roxberry, held hands with Hillary Clinton at the White House as innocent Libyans were kidnapped, tagged, and bagged on Ghost Flights to rot to death mentally, physically, and sometimes spiritually, not only in Abu Saleem but the countless and still active global franchise units of Abu Saleem, Inc., the secret illegal CIA prisons, and floating torture chambers that, even now, eye the Libyan coast.  I, like each and every one of us, was so blinded in my hate for Gaddafi that I would go on CNN International News and crudely say that I hoped Gaddafi would die and go to Hell. I know Wolf Blitzer and Fareed Zakaria were high fiving each other and Dick Cheney and Netanyahu were probably somewhere proposing a toast. As you and I both know, no one, not the least of which me, has any right to condemn another to either death, nor heaven, nor hellfire. I have made mistakes just like Gaddafi, and so has every Libyan because we are indeed human. If nothing else is certain in this short time we have on earth, it is that only God can judge and provide ultimate judgment. I know that the number of Libyans destroyed by Gaddafi is incalculable. I also know that foreign countries, those who now whisper like serpents in our ear, they built, profited, prolonged, ensured, and concealed the facilitation of that horror. It will haunt us forever, yet we need not be afraid. We must take the evil of that experience and analyze it, dissect, research it, and publish it, for that is the only way by which we and our children will recognize and challenge when it comes again. And it will come. Indeed, we shall see that has never truly left and will not leave lest we refuse to lend it an ear. It was in Libya that the true definition of modern genocide would be written. This past summer, I snuck onto Mussolini’s famous balcony in Benghazi, outside Garanazi’s old office. It is undeniable history that the world failed to prevent or even acknowledge, ensuring the evil produced by Italy would go on. The concentration camps, the forced starvation, the ethnic cleansing, every modern tool of systematically erasing a people was put to efficient use by Italy to murder over two thirds of the population in eastern Libya.  There is a reasaon why Libya, even today, still has a population of only 6 million but is the largest in North Africa.   After clearing Libya of Libyans, the Fascist Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, singlehandedly destroyed the fragile equilibrium of marshes and lagoons of Venice, as he widened the famous canals in a capitalistic effort to exploit them to build his own fortune. The prime minister of Italy kissed Gaddafi’s pinkie ring and Venice is now sinking in what should be a warning to Libyans that Fascism and capitalism are not far removed in terms of destruction and occupation. Western Oil companies have a habit of both propping up and bringing down any sovereign government they choose with the help of the intelligence agencies such as the CIA.  The Metillah pipeline that connects Libya to its former Fascist Colonizer has been the hotbed of covert foreign facilitators of terrorism posing as diplomats and under numerous other false covers, even U. S. Diplomatic passports.  Libyans are a very social people just check Facebook or Twitter.  They see something very very wrong going on.  They even post pictures of strange men they find armed, blowing things up, shooting at people, and just generally ignoring the rule of law of any nation.  The four Americans who were caputred last week near Melitliah were traveling on U.S. diplomatic  passports.   Funneling murders, weapons, and blood money using Benghazi as  a lord of war playground is a pretty sick defintion of diplomacy.  What occured was exactly what CIA does in such situations, such as in Pakistan in the case of CIA agent Raymond Davis.  CIA operations are not perfect and sometimes shots are fired and there is an attempted getaway, but the CIA agents are so ignorant of their surroundings they succeed in no less than 2 extremely public car chases and accidents.  The agents panic away from one accident and drive right into another at the next roadblock.  A car that four U.S. Diplomats that is involved in a firefight and then shown to for all to see burned to a crisp with Americans that each have an "Arab" version of their passport, tons of weapons, and sensitve communications equipment.  The reason no one is asking about the smoldering shell of a car is because that it is smoldering so that no questions are raised.  Enough is enough, already.  There is not now nor has there ever been a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and there was no crowd of murderous Libyans, period.   Nobody in Benghazi knew anything about the alleged consulate because it was a consulate in name only.  It was a decoy or cover to hide America funneling guns and fighters to Syria via Turkey.  The CIA operation was so enormous that there needed to be a reason for Amercians to be running around everywhere and making secretive meetings with Turkish, British, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Canadian, and even Israeli officials. The CIA also needed a reason for the occasional boat load of logistics gear, weaponry, vehicles that the CIA trickled down to certain milita for security and protection.  Remember, they where supposed to be removing old weapons, not giving out new ones like crack turning Benghazi into New Jack City.  Of course the Israelis spoke Arabic.  It is a horrible thing to use diplomatic cover on so, so, so, many levels.  First, Benghazi wanted nothing more in this world than a brand new shiney accessible American Consulate that they could call there own.  No one understands how important that mark of distinction, of acheivement would have meant to Benghazi.  It would be thier symbol that finally they had arrived.  It is literally degrading for everyone in Benghazi that must travel all the way to Tripoli and beg for what is their right, whether a death certificate or visa application or school exam.  This was an intential and deliberate systematic form of humiliation.  People do not realize that Gaddafi literally hated Benghazi.  This is the very issue at the heart of federalism.  People just want their dignity that was for so long denied and they believe federalism is the answer to their inequity.  America could have ended that forever.  All they had to do was build even a modest American Consulate that Benghazi could be proud of.  Maybe even with a little library.  And Wifi. If a real United States of America Diplomatic Consulate opened in Benghazi, it would have commanded a similar action of any and every Libyan government office, every country with an office in Tripoli  to have a coexisting Benghazi facility that if not better, than at least equal.  Instead they gave a starving man rotten food.  It was a pitiful useless front and that is why America has left it to the dogs.  The CIA COVERT terrorist factory warehouses were picked bone dry and all evidence of any use erased, or sanitized.  On the other hand, Chris Stevens ties are still scattered on the floor of the what was not in any way a diplomatic facility.  It is not important now because it was not important ever and Hillary Clinton has said clearly that  the consulate attack did not make a difference because it was just some smoldering building.  Nothing there but sad loney, blacked Brooks Brothers neckties.  Meetings with milita leaders and officials was just to humor them.  They would make pleas and the Americans would draw circles and doodle on a notepad instead of actually documenting serious security issues.  They even mocked desperate people who thought they were dealing with serious people who could help them with serious problems. But it was all a ruse.  Believe me, I would have known if there was a consulate in Benghazi.  There is not a hole that I have not crawled in.   It was not known about to Libyans because it was secret and had no capacity to fufill actual diplomatic functions.  It was simply a cover , nothing more.   Libyans make up the largest single group of foriegn fighters in Syria.  The CIA was not securing Gaddafi's weapons as they claim nor tracking terrorists.  They were recruiting them and using characters such as Adnan Khoshoggi to bilk billions of American tax payer dollars buying guns, selling them, and then buying them back to make each player profit as much in the arms deal as possible at the expense of Americans.   Chris Stevens was killed because the CIA just dumps the weapons, just floods them into Syria and leaves the FSA and Muslim Brotherhood factions to kill themselves over weapons with which to kill themselves and absolutely anyone else.  The Muslim Brotherhood are  the brains and FSA are the brawn.  Essentially, as in Libya, Salafi fighters are sucked to die in the streets while Muslim Brotherhood profit and control power.  But all of this, whether even the term Salafi or notions of the Muslim Brotherhood are all extremly foreign to Libya.  The Muslim Brotherhood was first welcomed after being banned in Egypt by King Idrissi.  A few stayed as teachers but most went on to the Gulf and never came back until the CIA and Qatar and Senator Linsey Graham brought them back.   Crack houses get robbed and people die over drugs because that is the nature of the business.   The CIA is still providing crack that kills Americans, and the crackhouse now serves as a billion dollar covert warehouse that facilitates at every level the selling, buying,  reselling, shipping distributing, and certainly selectively tracking weapons, money and fighters.   If Americans wet their pants because a U.S. border patrol agent was killed by an Operation Fast and Furious gun, Senator Lindsey Graham will soil his silk panties when the American people find out the weapons the CIA is funneling through Benghazi to Turkey and over the Syrian  border are going  into Ramadi Iraq and and then coming right back into Syria with even more weapons from the billions of dollars of Hellfire missles we are now giving the CIA puppet regime of Iraq are going directly to kill American service members in Iraq dragged there by Senator Lindsey Graham.  The Turkish Ambassador may as well have given Chris Stevens the kiss of death.  The last meeting of his life was how to settle a HUGE problem of a HUGE TANKER full the LARGEST shipment yet of weapons that Benghazi had been used to funnel to Syria via Turkey.  The Free Syrian Army and Muslim Brotherhood factions were bickering over who got what weapons which was holding up the war machine and becoming an increasing liability.  Whatever decision was made, the losing party had a motive to take what the what they were refused  by going to the source.  This is where the real deception is laid on thick but not thick enough because the CIA are idiots, esspecially seeing as how they are willing to work with the Mossad after the U.S.S. Liberty was massacred by them repeatedly as they mocked the dying Americans in Hebrew.  Senator Lindsey Graham proposed a bill that would commit American Soldiers to the Mossad because then there would be no need to hide using the United States Military and American lives instead of Israeli lives unlike the other things the Senator prefers to keep in the closet.  What would this have to do with NSA spying on Congress and NSA giving unredacted or edited in any way any and everything they find about what is obviously an awkward issue  to Israeli intelligence?The Muslim Brotherhood used the motive to frame the FSA faction, gobble up the whole warehouse of weapons at the CIA camp, and yes, we are calling it a camp now, as in a CIA terrorist camp, so they frame the competition, take all the goods, and stir resentment amoung the population, literally tricking them into running the wrong group out of town.  This is why the Muslim Brotherhood backed GNC said that some militas were "sanctioned" and others not.  It was a double whammy because the FSA faction had no way of knowing if it was them or not, with so many factions within factions, they had no way of knowing if the Muslim Brotherhood faction attacked or if rougue elements of their own were responsible.  The perfect crime because either way the Americans would blame it on the Libyans, whether because they were blood thirsty terrorists or stupid Arab Muslims who would naturally kill an U.S. Ambassdor if told that they were supposed to be angry about some video that the Egyptians had heard that they were supposed be angry about. Most Libyans would have  absolutley no idea because they had no idea the alleged diplomatic facility even existed.  The attack of September 11 was a decoy for a decoy in that the attack on the said diplomatic facility would draw attention away from the CIA Warehouses which was why the issue of response time is so important.  They did not get there despite a live feed from overhead drones, because they would have left the the actual purpose, the CIA terrorist camp, exposed.  Thus, the "stand down" nonsense. Further, by framing the FSA Salafi faction, the Muslim Brotherhood would have access to information and weapons directly from the CIA and trickle them to FSA Salafi fighters in just enought quatities that plenty are saved for a rainy day and there are not quite enough weapons to win, but to prolong war so the Salafi blood is spilled while the Muslim Brotherhood can take over power and seize key businesses and industries, opening up the country to free markets while providing just enough security by controlling the flow of weapons to allow for open markets but just enough Salafis with guns to make the security situation hostile enough to put off elections.  Things will be getting more stable because the attack represents the mafia coming to town.  The attack was the turf/racket war whereby crime is regulated  but the mafia has to keep things at least stable enough to conduct business but at the same time break a few bones or decapitate a few heads.  The bosses do not kill, they have lackeys who are not strong enough on their own, and must kill or bomb, to continue getting from the boss what he is not powerful enough to take.   The foreign intelligence agencies have a long history in Libya and we must insure that they have no future anywhere or at anytime in Libya, though they will do anything and everything to stop us. The last thing we need to do in eastern Libya is to give $2 million dollars to Ari Ben-Menashe, a famously documented high level Israeli Mossad operative so that he can facilitate what the Mossad does best by playing Libyan against Libyan. Another well documented agent of Israel, former US Senator Joe Lieberman, working for Muslim Brotherhood, is lobbying Washington to enslave Libya to Qatar via his law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, more commonly known as Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Freidman. Here we see Israeli intelligence working both sides as Ben-Menashe “consults” eastern Libya that it needs to, in order to pay his $2million lobbying contract, sneak a tanker of oil, while Lieberman “consults” Tripoli to fire on them, because, he too, has to get paid. Note that I did not say eastern Libya stole oil, as it is Libyan oil, but they were very sneaky with Libyan oil so that and Israeli spy could feed his Swiss bank account and allow a Mossad agent to steal Libyan oil. Israelis love oil. The Sinai Peninsula has only so much they can steal. It’s not only oil the Mossad steals. This is perfect lesson both for Libya and for America. Intelligence agencies are destroying the dreams, lives, and liberties of both the American people and well as the Libyan people. There is much to be discussed regarding Ben-Menashe, America’s NSA, the Mossad, Robert Maxwell, trillions of dollars in stolen American technology and intelligence, the famous backdoor malwares that the NSA exploits so that if can provide UNFILTERED surveillance on each and every single American citizen. The NSA will say that AMERICA only gets METADATA on Americas, but it is quiet about giving Israel unedited surveillance of the private lives of US Citizens. It will be covered. I PROMIS to remember LOS ALAMOS. As I said, there are repeating themes in foreign intelligence. Though I am no Poindexter, I do know Libya and I do know a great deal about the history of foreign exploitation and espionage in Libya.  But most importantly, we must use their own weapons against them and provide total information awareness as to how the Mossad uses the CIA to use everyone else from the ISI to GIP to facilitate constant war. We must show them that Peace through Strength is the same cruel lie of “Freedom through Work”. ISRAEL’s ZIONIST PLAN WANTS, NEEDS, LIBYA TO BREAK INTO SO MANY PIECES THAT WE MUST MAKE THEM CHOKE ON OUR WHOLE IF THEY ATTEMPT TO FEED THEMSELVES ON WHAT CAN ONLY BE HAD BY THE DECIMATION OF A PEOPLE.  I, as a Libyan whose great great grandfather walked from Awjila and built with his bare hands what is now Benghazi, I demand to know who is responsible for even giving Israel the idea that thier Embassy would ever ever ever touch Libyan soil, I want names.  This will be a Mossad station and the death of Libya.  Jews are a part of Libya. Jews will always be welcome for when the colonial state of Israel told them they were not.  The creation of Israel actually stole Libya's Jews.  I respect Jews because I am bookish myself  There is no one that respects Libyan history or Jewish history more than I.  The reason my statements are harsh are because they are true.  When when Libya lost it's Jews, it lost a piece was was so badly needed, there was an equalibrium of culture and respect that the creation of Israel can not afford to exist.  The idea that people could not assimilate, that Jews are somehow a differant species and never be accepted by society did not begin in Libya.  The Dryfuss Affair, would have seemed unjust to any Libyan, but to a guy with no concept of Halakah who would go on to work with the German government during World War One to actually create Zionism and Islamic Radicalism in order to subvert the British and Russians, apparently it was normal.   This is true history people and they tried to recruit Libyan Sanussi Brotherhood as well for it stretched all the way the to the  Asir region of Yemen and across Africa to the Red Sea.  There is a line in Africa dividing Muslim and Christian because the French and British waged abosulte war to spread not Christianity, but to expand their markets and the Sannusiah controled every singe major trade route up and down Africa, spreading Islam and building self sustaining communites out of despair.  Indeed, there is much we will learn about the subversion of Libya even from the earliest of times.  It was in Libya that the course of Judiasm, Christianity and Islam was carved.  It was an African who gave the word of the Gospel to Europe, many were Libyan from Mark, to Simon, and all of the Jews of Cyrene who had one of the most powerful synogouges in all of Palestine.  I know that there is such deep, hidden, forgotten history because I have months, years, making the ancient ruins of Libya my obsession and my love.  I will disappear for days and literally live in Cyrene, Leptus Magna, Sabratha, and even the ancient Garden of Heperides.  Jews are in no hurry to get back to Bagdad, Algiers, or Tunis, but they are determined to literally pry open the door with a crowbar and incite a riot in Tripoli.  The only Jews who are allowed in Libya are those whose synogoues Libya has respectfully preserved.  Seriously, there are actually alot, with most Libyans assuming they are old churches.  They just boarded them up and they are waiting for the Jews.  But there is one catch.  These must be the Jews of the Torah who know that the only true Israel is the spiritual struggle for next year in Jerusalem that can never be attained,  for it is the quest  that brings Jews to God.  It was this realization that gave the world the Torah.  To take the land of Palestine, erase a people, burying children under bull dozers  at this very minute, that can be done only by followers of evil mysticism that is reconnizable to anyone  who knows about every single pagan alter that is littered around every single ruined temple in Libya.  Zionism is this evil.  Jews and the Torah are welcome.  But Israelis and the Talmud and all the wierd mystic nonesense that can rationalize the genocide in Palestine has no place in Libya for Libya has already witnessed enough genocide and we need people who can actually recognize genocide, accept it, and learn that it must never happen again.   For now, Libyan in the east and west of country, as well as the south, MUST STOP FACILITATING ZIONIST AGENDAS BY CANCELLING ALL LOBBYING CONTRACTS AT ANY COST LEST WE PAY THE GREATEST COST. FEDERALISM IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS AND ISRAEL WILL USE IT TO CHEAPEN THE BLOOD OF OUR MARTYRS. TELL THE LOBBYISTS AND BANKERS THAT WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED and CONQUERED. We can do this by taking Libya’s telecommunications, Oil, gas, shipping, banking, and every other industry and safeguard them. Libya must ensure that the wealth of Libya stays in Libya, not Qatar, Switzerland, The City of London, or Tel Aviv. We must take the shares in these companies and make each and every Libyan a shareholder, the only shareholder, and force Libyans who feel divested from the future of Libya to recognize how greatly they can prosper or fail by allowing foreign powers to destabilize, and thus ruin, an investment given to each and every Libyan by God. Libya does not need capitalism or free markets to survive. The capitalist exploitation of markets and minds needs Libya like Bernard Madoff constantly needed new investors. Otherwise it will fail and the scheme will be exposed. American’s dollars have nothing behind them but sweet Libyan crude, and the more it is allowed to produce, the less the American dollar is worth. It was in Libya, not the Gulf, that the absolute power of oil over America was first harnessed and because Big Oil has almost as much power as AIPAC, too much or too little oil can still bring America to its knees. Needless to say American oil independence is not something that AIPAC is keen on lobbying for, as Joe Lieberman or Ari Ben-Menashe will tell you….for a fee

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