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    Mark Eiland - Marketing Consultant For Building A Sustainable Business Asset

    Mark Eiland blends his background and expertise to design and implement business and marketing strategies that immediately grow sales and profits so a business can be transformed from an income stream business into a valuable asset that the business owner, should they desire, could sell in the future for multiples of its value.

    A native Texan, Mark currently lives in Austin, Texas. His professional work background is in IT services, merger and acquisition projects and digital marketing working for corporations such as Bank of America and IBM as well as owning and selling his own businesses.

    Mark has a passion for helping businesses grow their sales and profits and increasing their overall customer value.

    According to Mark, “There are a lot of businesses that don’t know how to grow their business through marketing. They try a lot of different things but they don’t have a strategy. So, what I do is work with business owners to implement proven marketing strategies and systems that will open up new income opportunities and fully optimize their overall customer value. Marketing is the piece of the puzzle a lot of business owners don’t get or struggle with and it’s what’s killing their business.”

    Mark’s marketing consulting company, Mercury Equity Partners, works with established companies with annual revenues of at least one million dollars. He finds that many of these businesses may generate a good income stream but they don’t have any real value when the time comes to seek investors or sell the company.

    While the business owner is running their business, they have many different issues to deal with between their customers, employees, vendors and maybe even the media. The end result is business growth gets stuck. They understand that their business has the potential to grow beyond where it is today but they don’t have the time or resources to break through to the next level.

    That’s where Mercury Equity Partners can help. They use proven marketing and business strategies to transform a low-performing business into a high-performing sustainable business asset that puts the business owner in a position of strength by increasing the overall value of the business.

    Due to the one-on-one nature of the work and the intensity involved with taking care of each consulting client, Mark works with just a handful of clients. The first step he takes with each new client is understanding what they’ve got, what they’re doing today, and what they want to achieve going forward.

    Once those “raw materials” have been collected he works with the business owner to come up with a plan of action to immediately increase profits.

    For example, it may be restructuring an offer for a better price point, implementing a recurring revenue process, pulling in buyers from untapped sources, systematizing inefficient business or marketing processes, or reactivating past customers.

    Mark says, “We want to make sure that the business owner has all aspects of their business as automated and systemized as possible. Because by doing that, it not only increases profits but it increases the value of the business in the eyes of any future investor or buyer of the business. Because if someone’s coming in to invest in or buy that business, they want it to be structured so they can step in and pick it up and run with it from day one. Not, I have to come in and do a lot of repair work to get it to a certain point where it runs by itself.”

    In addition, Mark recognizes that, at times, the owner is the business and if the owner leaves, there is no business. He works with the business owner to implement the appropriate systems to strategically remove the owner from having to be so intensely involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. This allows the business to stand on its own, making it a valuable asset at the time the business owner doesn’t want to do it anymore and someone else wants it and is willing to pay handsomely for the business.

    When asked what he likes about being a marketing consultant, Mark answered: “Helping people. That’s it. I love just seeing the light bulb come on for them and helping them see that they’re achieving something that they had struggled with before or maybe even had given up hope on achieving. It makes me very, very happy to see someone reach their full potential and achieve financial success (and all that comes with it) as a result of the help I give them.”

    Mark’s unique background and blend of marketing and merger and acquisition experience makes him a priceless resource for companies that are looking to set themselves apart from their competition and build a sustainable business asset for the future.

    To learn more about Mark Eiland and Mercury Equity Partners visit http://www.MarkEiland.com and http://www.MercuryEquityPartners.com.
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