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    Posted January 8, 2014 by
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    It is our destiny


    One night me and two of my friends were discussing the future of the world. it is 6 AM here. I got this conclusion after so long discussion and I would like to share it with you all.


    I think the leaders of the world and I don't mean the governments or the well known leaders but the real leaders, They all failed miserably to save the world. there are so many wars around the world for stupid reasons. There are people starving everywhere no food no drink no medical care.......etc. Are we really humans or just selfish animals welling to do anything and everything to stay powerful. look how much money they spend every year on weapons and arming researches to destroy each other with no mercy exactly like animals. "rich countries " are doing their best to make other countries weaker and weaker and turn the life of normal people to hell for no reason instead of spending on researches that will help save and protect life. Maybe it is the time for international revolution that aim to protect the world instead of national revolutions. The population of the world is growing up while the number of jobs available is going down. what should happen to have some balance ?????
    why the whole world cry over the death of actor or singer-male or female- who did nothing to the world while we can see scientist who gives everything to serve the world can live miserable life and even die with no noise????
    why we became so selfish? or it is natural thing??
    why we look at life as a war? you have to fight to survive??
    what is next in this life???


    I guess the problem is we have very competitive political systems that work for selfish and personal goals rather than cooperative systems for the good of humanity. I feel like it is out destiny to destroy ourselves.
    Lets Hope one day we will have the Real UN where everybody has the equality voice with no Veto or any privileges to specific countries over the others.


    Sorry for generalizing, just wanted to write what I feel so maybe I can sleep hopefully,
    Good night

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