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    Posted January 8, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware
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    Todd Wharton: Creating and Connecting Local Talent For Everyone!


    I have never met a person that was truly dedicated to be successful in his career. He’s worked days, nights, with only four hours of sleep! If that isn’t grinding I don’t know what is. Todd Wharton is someone that I believe everyone needs to keep their eyes on. His journey to where he is now is remarkable. His new company called Local Talent Connect is a site that’s for ALL creative people and artists. It focuses on the arts and the entertainment industry. I know what you may think, another site? Let me tell you this site is built for any and everyone who wants to get their dream out there. Working day and night and dealing with the branding process, Todd devoted his blood, sweat, and tears into his business. As I sat down and talked with Todd, I had to ask him, “ What made you want to start this company now?” He said, “ Well when I was growing up and even working into my adulthood, the people that I was close with started to move away. I lost touch with them.” He stated to me that the idea came to him while working out at the gym. “ I wanted a site for everyone to be able to communicate, network, and have a chance to bond. People from writers, screenwriters, directors, anyone that’s an artist”, Wharton says. Todd worked so hard that he worked himself into the hospital. He worked two jobs for 15 hours a day for a year and his body just shut down. But, he never gave up and still worked hard to have his business launch for January 1, 2014.


    I first met Todd Wharton through a group on Facebook. We all know that on Facebook a lot of artists promote all their sites and accomplishments. But, I noticed that in every group that I was in I kept seeing the link to his website LocalTalentConnect.com. I was more intrigued than anything. It just so happens to be the first day of the New Year when he was posting the site. I eagerly clicked on the site and looked around. I didn’t make my profile at that particular time; instead I went to Todd and began talking to him. He was so eager and full of energy telling me about his site. We had the same thing in common, to be successful. Right away he wanted to work with me on some level. I was excited and ready to work. Since then we keep in touch and promote each other’s work and best of all, network! I mean that’s what it’s all about, right?


    I finally made a profile and was introduced to something I had never seen. There were so many different components of the website and people who were signing up left and right. What I like best about the site is the different groups that available for artists such as WGA, Screenwriters, Directors, etc. What stood out to me the most about this website is that there is a video library, classifieds, Internet radio, and TV. I was like TV really? Not to mention that I had access to every person that was on the site through a chat and I was able to become friends with him or her on a profile.


    Todd Wharton will be on a live show with a studio audience! Yes, he will be on a show called Late Night With Jonny P aka Johnny Potenza. Let me tell you, guys this show will air on station CTV Staten Island community TV! This will be the opening of the 7th season! I’m excited because I will in the audience covering the show! I haven’t met Johnny yet, but I look forward to getting to meet him. One thing about Todd Wharton that I adore is the fact that he’s so humble. He said, “ No matter if I get rich, I will never forget where I came from and I will always help people.” This is true because he made his website for everyone else but himself. He wants people all over the world to come together as one and do what they do best, work together. Todd also has held red carpet and networking events for many creatives. There were many that came out to support him such as “ Uncle Nino” from the show Jersey Shore, Johnny P, Angel Salazar from the film Scarface and more. People believed and supported what he was doing when starting Local Talent Connect. His hard work will continue to pay off as he becomes more successful. World, I’m telling you this website and Mr. Todd Wharton will be around for years to come. When it happens I won’t say that I told you so!


    To connect or contact Todd Wharton please visit his portals:



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