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    Das Cuckoo!

    So.... Do "You" have a Cuckoo clock?

    My wife got one, it was left to her by her grandmother, While it hung at grandma's house it was never working. But that was because to her.... it was annoying.

    I love the technology that went into making that clock work. it's totally mechanical and uses simple physics t do it's job of keeping time. I find that totally amazing.

    We have moved around several times over the years and we've hugh the clock here and there but it didn't always work properly. In one place.... the Cuckoo clock would run for a minute and just stop. I figured something was on the fritz inside that old wooden German made Cuckoo.

    But it was left to her so we're not about to throw it away.

    I can remember the location of the clock each time we moved and over time I discovered something.

    If you have a Cuckoo clock and you think it's broken chances are.... that it's not broken at all.

    It worked but then it didn't means it could be something simple and since I have this asperger's syndrome thing and it made me like super intelligent I am able to do things like this!

    So here's what I learned aboot our cuckoo clock!

    When we moved into this apartment, I hung the cuckoo on the wall and it ran for about one minute and then would stop. I tried again and again and every time... it stopped.

    I was getting frustrated and my brain started working... I realized that the wall I hung the clock on was set on a North to South path and I thought.... no.... it can't be.

    So I relocated my cuckoo clock onto a wall that was set on an East to West direction, pushed the pendulum and it hasn't stopped ever since!

    I searched for information on the Internet about this but found nothing, So.... before you get rid of that "broken" cuckoo clock..... use a compass and see if the wall your clock is on is not pointing in the wrong direction.

    It's totally conceivable that the rotation of the Earth would have something to do with how the seemingly semi-perpetual motion of a clock like that.

    A device that creates power and energy could also use the Earths rotation to make it work.

    It didn't dawn on me sooner because at the last place we were at the wall was close to the East -West line and the clock worked for a short time during the summer but in the winter it went on the blink again.

    So it is possible also that the relationship of the equator during seasonal changes as it moves North and South effected things, especially since the massive quake in Japan effected the Earths Axis! Increasing it's movement pushing the equator further North and further South as indicated by the marked differences of the seasonal changes having become more extreme.

    Just something that made me say... Hmmmmm!

    In the event that your cuckoo is too fast and doesn't keep time very well...... the pendulum is adjustable, simply slide the leaf up or down to adjust the speed at which your clock ticks.

    Moving it up makes it go faster, moving it down slows it down.

    Up, Faster - Down, slower!

    I love my cuckoo clock!

    It's amazing!
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