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    Posted January 9, 2014 by
    New York, New York

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    Traveling with all the comforts of home


    I noticed that there are two ways to spell traveling, one is traveling which is the English way and the other is travelling which is the British/Canadian way.


    When traveling a lot there are ways to enjoy a good night sleep but also a way to feel comfortable while you are away from home. The different types of lodging include hotels, motels and corporate housing. All of the three types of lodging generally offer movies but they can be very different when it comes to the amenities and payment options.


    I use to travel a lot for business and the one thing I did not like was small hotel rooms. I had to learn the major differences between a hotel and a motel other than a motel is just cheaper. If I was going to be comfortable on the road I had to learn that hotel s offered short-term stay but motels offer short-term and long-term stays.


    I learned that hotels had amenities like indoor/outdoor pools, fitness centers, business centers, room service, sometimes even a restaurant, bar, sometimes a game room, family suites (separated living and bedroom areas either by a wall or a door), bi-level rooms (two floors), some have meeting room for conferences and seminars, and a general sitting area that will allow guests to mingle with other guests. Motels usually do not have a pool and if they do they are outdoor pools. There are no business or fitness centers at motels and no meeting rooms for conferences. Kitchenettes can be in both hotels and motels but motel kitchenettes will tend to be just a little bit smaller for example two stove top range instead of four. Most hotels have an onsite laundry for guests but very few motels have laundries for guests to use.


    Payment options for hotels and motels differ in a major way, hotels offer daily rates with discounts if you book the room for more than 7 nights while some motels offer hourly, daily, weekly and some motels offer no sales tax if you are staying longer than 30 days.


    Corporate Housing in my opinion is a best of both worlds in regards to hotels and motels. Corporate Housing offer short-term and long-term stays some even offer leases. Corporate Housing is usually a full apartment with full size kitchens as opposed to kitchenettes and they sometimes have a washer and dryer inside the apartment for your convenience. Corporate Housing will have flat screen TVs, several premium movie channels, some have room service but because they are setup more for people that are relocating sometimes room service is not an option.


    Most of us are addicted to our technology toys like laptops and tablets so we definitely need to have Wi-Fi internet to feel comfortable otherwise all of the amenities in the world will not make some of us happy.

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