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    Posted January 9, 2014 by
    Manalapan, New Jersey
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    Wintry weather 2014

    Brine doesn't work at temperatures like these, but LIQUID SNOW MELT DOES

    I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Gina Picarello, Vice President of Marketing for Liquid Snow Melt (LSM). Recently LSM acquired the sole rights to distribute the only true “green” deicing solution on the today’s market. Our product, Bio-propylene glycol (BPG) is a vegetable based liquid containing no salt or chlorides. Recent studies show the devastating affects of salt and chloride base deicers on both our infrastructure and our environment. Road repair, bridge repair, salt spreaders, truck beds etc… we can see the corrosive damage each storm brings. Environmental effects are even worse. Where does the salt go after the storm? It is pushed to the side of the road where it begins its path of destruction to our environment. The devastating effect these products have forced the industry to finds an alternative that is more eco friendly. In response the industry introduced a product called brine, touting it as the first green deicer on the market. Unfortunately this is not true as brine is a chloride based spray which is as or more destructive than salt. As stated prior our product contains neither. Bio-propylene Glycol was introduced in the Midwest by Global Bio-Chem Technology Americas, located in Cincinnati Ohio. Realizing the need for a salt/sodium free deicer Global Bio-Chem put its top engineers on a quest to create that product, hence the birth of BPG. After testing this product under various weather and road conditions, it became evident that this product out performed every product currently available on the market.

    BPG is the only true “green” snow melt on the market. Salt and chloride based melt products wash off the roadway, wreaking havoc on our infrastructure and environment. Tests show 55% road salt runoff winds up in our water supply while the remaining 45% percent settles into the ground affecting vegetation. BPG poses no such threats.
    Application of BPG is sprayed prior to storm. Unlike road salts, which need sun or water to ignite the melting process, BPG is effective immediately after its application. In fact, studies show the friction of passing traffic actually increases BPG melting capacity. Tests show BPG melts snow at a rate 2.7 times faster than salt and brine products and remains an active deicer up to 7 days after initial application, virtually eliminating post storm salting. In addition BPG prevents plowed roads from freezing overnight and is effective to temperatures up to 30 degrees below zero.
    Midwest states currently using BPG report a 30% to 40% savings in snow removal budgets. Reductions in road and bridge repair, equipment maintenance, labor costs, post storm cleanup and vegetation damage are some of the savings being reported.
    BPG has no corrosive affects and can be applied to any surface including metal and concrete. It is non toxic and can be stored virtually anywhere.
    BPG is safe for all surfaces including concrete and all metals.
    (All data and reports verifying above information available upon request)
    These are just some of the benefits you will experience by eliminating salt and chloride base products.
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