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    Posted January 9, 2014 by
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    Changed your mind about marijuana?

    No but I'm ALL for legalization!

    I've never really been into pot, just not my thing. To be honest, I despised it for years. Looking back, I'm not really all that sure why I despised it so much, other then the fact that I felt like a bit of an outsider when everyone around me was smoking pot when I wanted nothing to do with it. Part of that had to do with it being illegal and "wrong". But, what makes it so wrong? Who is anyone to say what is wrong if it isn't hurting anyone else? Infact, what makes ANYTHING wrong if it isn't hurting someone else?

    Prohibition has got to go, period. I don't just mean prohibition of pot, I mean all drugs, because lets face it...the search to get high one way or another will NEVER end, and the violence, chaos, and deaths caused by the lost war on drugs will continue. What would happen if all drugs were decriminalized and legitimately manufactured using strict standards and dosages? Those drugs could be sold far cheaper then they are on the streets even with significant taxing. Our jails wouldn't be filled with non-violent drug offenders. The drug cartels and street gangs would be out of business overnight. Prostitutes wouldn't have to prostitute anymore.

    Preventing younger generations from ever touching drugs would of course have to be a priority. I just don't think prohibition does any good for those who already have issues with drugs who can't stop buying off the streets. I'm not saying sell crack/coke/heroin to anyone who wants it, but if someone already has a problem, let them have what they are going to get illegally anyway with a lot less of a risk of getting something really dangerous. Maybe they can have some sort of a normal life not having to spend 75% of their time chasing after a drug that costs way more then they can afford. For instance, if heavier drugs were made legal to current drug users, and they must be registered in order to get their drugs, and must take their drugs where they purchase their drugs, they no longer get those drugs off the black market. No black market = no new drug users. How would that be a bad thing?

    Anyway, I wouldn't do pot just because it became legal...and I wouldn't do any other drug if it became legal either, and I bet a lot more people are in the same boat as I am...what someone does with their own body is their personal choice, who are we to stop them?
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