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    Posted January 9, 2014 by

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    Amazon Big Corporate SCAM all the way to the 2.5 Billionaire's Bank


    Spread this around.. You ever wonder why you cannot rate Amazon.com ON Amazon.com, well this is why.. If Amazon.com had a 4.9 out of 10 ON Amazon.com, their account would be suspended.. They have an F- out of 2300 Reviews.. I think if I had reviews like that I would never sell a single thing.. I was suspended from Amazon.com for an 89% rating..

    Amazon and Overstock.com both trying to fight the sales tax law, the Fair Marketplace Act, all the way to the supreme court cause what they wanted to do is set up a warehouse in every single state and drone things into you NO TAX.. Even side step WALMART cause you have to pay tax. Heres the thing.. AMAZON does not need to make a single nickle on anything they sell cause they make 80% of the profit of everything sold on their site by other vendors. Let alone the Kindle and streaming video things they have.. So they can basically go direct with hundreds of manufacturers and sell it all at cost or less as "website busters" . Once they have you on their site then you will hopefully buy more from other vendors..

    This is from 2012 before Google changed to Ad Words, but just the kind of company Amazon is..

    The Amazon.com Google Shopping Spam Scam...

    Amazon.com seems to be running a scam on Google Shopping. They load in 50 Google shopping feeds under many many names with absurdly low prices that go directly to Amazon.com at a much higher price or goto an intermediary URL or web address that redirects to Amazon.com

    Lets start with the names and the funniest one...

    There is actually a scam google feed that redirects to Amazon.com under the name of Conn and Amakon..

    Generic "names" in Google Shopping
    Aristophanes LLC
    Game Keg
    Aadvantage Wholesale
    Go Boutique
    Michigan Market Retail Shops
    Stop Mall
    what should i buy
    Best Selling Reviews
    Camera Deals
    Quality Products Reviews
    24hrs Shop
    Simple Online Store
    Great Deals Store
    Gadgets Deals
    Camera Deals
    24hrs Shop
    Walkos Koyos Shop
    Alexa Gadget Review
    Manggo Online Store
    Digital Camera Shops

    WW Webstore wowwebstore.net
    WWD wowdiscounts.org

    Web addresses

    Date: 11/2012
    This is the beginning of the list. There are more that I have forwared to Googles shopping tech team but did not write them down...

    Here is an example... Run a search on Google Shopping for the Optoma PK301 it is a hand held $350 ish projector... Sort it by price, lowest to highest...

    You will get :

    Amaceller and Amakon at $.10 , thats right, 10 cents...

    You click on it, it goes to a redirect to amazon.com for over $370.

    Do the same with the PK201 same deal, you get the Amasella and Amakon at a dime.. Redirects to Amazon at $299

    If that is not a total scam I do not know what is.. They load in these totally outlandish prices to get listed at the top of Google Shopping them get you to their site.. WHERE, Amazon.com makes 8-12% of the 10-15% profit the sellers make on Amazon.com .. So basically Amazon makes 90% of the profits on anything sold on Amazon.com. Amazon is a joke at face value let alone run lame scams like this to drive people to their site.. They are authorized for nothing, know nothing about anything they sell, but they sell everything imaginable..

    A few more things.. USPS.cm
    You know you try to go to the US Post Office website, you are in a hurry and miss the o... Redirect to Amazon.com .. Cause you know when you were looking for the US Post Office website you were REALLY looking for Amazon..

    Buying brand name and model URL's
    TomTom130S.com Redirectes to Amazon.com

    TomTom GPS company the 130S is a model they make..

    Facebook pages, blogs, whatever.. some get shut down by Google cause it is called search engine spamming.. Spamming is a violation of the search engine policies..

    Just make every single link no matter what you type or click all redirects to Amazon.. I guess money is all its about , no morals, no rules.. Just stomp on everyone so you can make your shares go up another .50 cents. Steal all of the legitimate dealers business so your BOOK STORE can become the Walmart of the internet.. What a joke!
    It is like you cannot even run an honest business anymore you have to run little scams on customers to do business online.. When are consumers going to wake up and realize price is not everything, any old 12 year old can sell online these days and if 90% of the people consumers buy off of were right in front of them at the time of sale.. I think 75% of those consumers would decide to buy from someone else.. The web makes it all look so pretty and colorful though don't it???

    I would also point out 2 other things.. WHY are people buying electronics from a BOOK STORE?

    Number 2 Amazon warranties are 30 days.. What legitimate company has 30 day warranties??? I think cheese from the grocery store has a longer warranty than that... Why only 30 days?? So they can sell you some "extended" warranties and make more money, AND because 90% of the products sold on Amazon are from UN Authorized dealers so there is no warranty through the manufacturer.. So you can buy your Denon amplifier, buy the extended cause Denon won't warranty it, then have the Sears Repair Center fix it right after he is done with that Whirlpool washing machine..

    We are also not addressing this Drone issue and how completely idiotic it is for the 2.5 billionaire owner to even mention droning stuff into your house.. Does anyone realize the Pandora's Box that opens when it is just normal to see drones flying around with "packages" hanging from them?? Considering the last 12 years just the fact the owner of Amazon said something like that just shows how dense they are.. But hey there are dumb rich people too..

    If we all remember Amazon was not even turning a profit until about 7 years after they started. Early 2000's.. It has taken 12 years for the owner to amass 2.5 BILLION dollars.. All of it standing on grey market, 30 day warranty, unauthorized, serial number, UPC code removing re sellers on their site that for some reason are not required to list ANY legitimate contact information. No Address, No Phone Number. .. It is amazing.. People will buy and contribute to Satan as long as he has a good price..

    This is all consumer driven, if consumers realized they were getting everything for nothing these days compared to years past it may be different but let me put it this way...

    WE, The resellers, are all buying product X at the same price, from the same place, selling to the same person browsing through the same "mall" we are all in.. You tell me what happens??

    We all beat each other up for $1 and we all go under.. Except for the lucky few like Costco, Walmart, Amazon, that will take .50 cents... Can anyone see where this is headed??
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