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    Major Lead in Benghazi Suicide Bombing Case

    Just over 2 weeks ago, on Dec. 26, 2013, the American public was told that 4 U.S. military servicemen, who were assigned to provide security to the United States embassy in Tripoli had been detained by the Libyan Interior Ministry and released less than 24 hours later. Obama administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki told Americans that these 4 U.S. soldiers had been scouting emergency evacuation routes for U.S diplomatic staff when they ran into a problem at a checkpoint. Psaki would then go on to tell Americans that “We value or relationship with the new Libya”, and “We have a strategic partnership based on shared interests and our strong support or Libya’s historic democratic transiton”. In fact, the 4 Americans, including 1 with Libyan nationality, were actually on a mission of an entirely different sort that is directly related to the attack in Benghazi and the deaths of 4 other Americans, including the late Ambassador Chris Stevens. Americans are lied to as U.S. diplomatic cover is used to conduct illegal unaccountable breaches of U.S. and international laws that have facilitated a secret war that undermines the people and government of both Libya and America. The use of U.S. diplomatic passports for covert, clandestine and black operations that are not only hidden but explicitly lied about in what is a war of disinformation waged against Americans that is carefully orchestrated, that  is why Christopher Stevens and other Americans have died in Libya, including Ronald Smith II. This orchestrated usurpation of every principle America stands for will, in just a few hours, result in the United States of America naming Ansar al Sharia and other alleged affiliated groups on the list of official state list of terrorist organizations. This is simply part of a high level conspiracy to ensure a hand picked Libyan government. This will include a reshuffling of power to impose a leader on Libya chosen by America and its allies. We will see that this conspiracy began with the forming of Libya’s National Transitional Council, and indeed the provisional, and current, government is a direct result of premeditated murder, violence, theft and deception at the highest level, including the use of what would be labeled as Libya’s first suicide bomber. What Benjamin Jacob MacDonald was doing could be why one of his passports has a beard and why one doesn’t. His job is deception. His passport with a beard and his passport without one are why there was much confusion initially as to whether one of the four captured held Libyan citizenship, for he and the others are committing horrible war crimes under the guise of Libyans in order to both collaborate with Ansar al Sharia and systematically destabilize the safety and security of Libya and America by conducting methodical assassinations of Benghazi Security Officers, all of which allowed for multiple vehicles to be destroyed by incendiary devices, witnesses be murdered, and a bloody gun battle on the streets of Benghazi. Benjamin Macdonald was part of a 3 vehicle SUV convoy that was working to bring Tunisian Ansar al Shariah elements across the Libyan border  in a trap or they were gathering coordinates for the missles that hit not far from there shortly before their capture.  The man who they where looking for, and most likely missed was the Tunisian Ansar al Sharia leader that was catuptured later in Misrata.  Conspirators have been assassinating Benghazi Special Forces, or Saiqa, Officers. These are intelligence officers that have been carefully selected to be killed like killed both for what they know, what they can find out, and the security they provide.  That these are former officials being targeted by Islamists or someone framing the Islamists is exactly part of what is a an intricate plan, whether at the mosque, at a checkpoint, or driving with their children. The father of one intelligence officer was beheaded after his son stalled to meet and exchange himself as prinsoner.  Because they are trafficking, arming, and protecting Ansar al Sharia, the same group America has just declared to be the  terrorists that killed Ambassador Stevens and that are connected with Al Qaeda, Benjamin Macdonald and the other Americans using U.S. diplomatic passports must, at all costs, avoid stopping at roadblocks manned by Benghazi’s Saiqua Special Forces, or destroy all witnesses and evidence when concerned, and ensure the escape of human and material cargo that is either too sensitive to destroy, or cannot be destroyed for other reasons. There are incendiary devices for not only to disable the lives and properties of Libyans, but also, to sanitize or destroy American assets if compromised. Macdonald’s 3 SUV Toyota Land cruiser convoy, loaded with money, weapons, and intelligence assets, both technological and human, could  not stop at the roadblock manned by the Benghazi Special Forces. The Americans chose to evade the security as they their SUVs raced around and away from the checkpoint at such high speeds that it would be fired on by the men at the checkpoint, disabling one of the SUVs. Before the remaining 2 SUVs were cornered at the next roadblock, it was decided that Macdonald and his partner in crime  would disable one SUV by destroying it, with the guise of an accident to keep  clear and busy anyone in pursuit of the final SUV which sped off into the night. It was unclear how the SUV caught on fire because the vehicle was intentionally incinerated with incendiary devices and destroyed to remove all trace of evidence. The exact same sequence of events occurred one month earlier as a Toyota Land Cruiser suddenly exploded after approaching a Benghazi Special forces roadblock, with all accounts stating that the nature and cause of the explosion were undetermined though the mysterious incineration succeeded killing those close enough to witness the act and distracting those close enough to witness another SUV using the chaos to get away. Needless to say there were no dead bodies other than those of the victims. The murder and deception by Ben Macdonald and other Americans was portrayed as a suicide bomber that had simply taken the violence to levels familiar to any who watches Bagdad on the evening news. The bloody pitched gun battle that raged in Benghazi between the Special Forces and Ansar al Sharia was instigated by 4 men who had been stopped at a Special Forces checkpoint in a Toyota Land Cruiser containing a large cache of both money and weapons. As the 4 men and their captured materials were being escorted to the Benghazi Special Forces compound, a group of Ansar al Sharia ambushed the Security Forces and waged a protracted bloody street battle for possession of the captured cargo. This was why the Libyan GNC forbid anyone from posting pictures or statements of the attack on Facebook or Twitter, not for the stated reason of Ansar al Shariah gaining intelligence from such posts. Note that even now, Toyota Land Cruisers, unless used by diplomats and NGOs, are only primarily found in the south of Libya and to have such a uniform, consistant and engulfing fire can only be ensured by incendiary devices, otherwise, even a full tank of gasoline when exploded could provide workable pieces of salvage with which to gleam intelligence or clues. With incendiary devices, such as were used in all three causes under the exact same circumstances, the picures prove that nothing with be left to be proven, just a charred out frame of, what else, a Toyota Land Cruiser.  https://twitter.com/wheelertweets/status/416711916833488896/photo/1  James Wheeler, Barioush Extrordinare.  extra cornflakes   Thanks Brother.  http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/11/25/breaking-news-fierce-fighting-in-bngshazi/#axzz2pzWeBgVghttp://www.libyaherald.com/2013/12/24/doubts-cast-on-bersis-bombing-being-a-suicide-attack/#axzz2pzWeBgVg
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