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    Open Letter to HE Dan Mozena, US Ambassador in Bangladesh

    Mr. Dan Mozena,
    I have gone through your article published on 1st January, 2014. As far as diplomacy is concerned, I would request you to consider the following facts regarding Bangladesh.
    [1] Importance of Bangladesh is deep routed:
    Time has changed. People of Bangladesh is much more enriched with knowledge, education, compatibility and mind-set compared to 1971. When we evaluate your situation, we narrate the same:
    [a] People of America still love the people of Bangladesh. Now it is more for our efficiency, capability & compatibility to meet their requirement in becoming a global partner.
    [b] Govt. of USA still love our geographical location, whether the land is management by the patriotic forces or shadow of Pakistani ISI planted agents in the name of BNP and Jamat-e-Islami. I am sure, our people like you for being a brilliant Diplomat of US Govt, could not see the difference.
    [c] Bangladesh stand for democracy & free-economy & Islamic values, people mostly dislike communists and extreme socialist & religious fundamentalists! We still believe, USA is still the leader to extend all help & assistance for the people of Bangladesh!
    [2] Democracy and concern of Western Community including America:
    Bangladesh and word democracy was missing for a long time in Bangladesh since 1975, our Father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib wanted to manage the country combining all parties, people of various cast & creed. Ironically he was killed by Pakistan Army Spy Ziaur Rahman, a 5th columnist in the Liberation war. All the efforts of Bangabandhu in rebuilding the war-ravaged devastated country was ill framed & badly focused. Democracy went to garbage bins & autocracies of Ziaur Rahman.
    [3] Democracy & process of Election :
    Bangladesh started facing all the repetition of barbaric hyenas act of Pakistan Armed Forces and their associates like Razakars, Al-badar & Alshams since 2010, mainly for two reasons:
    [a] Awami League, the major pro-liberation forces started trial of 1971 War Criminals and unfortunately these hyenas are top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islam, basically groomed by Late Pakistani spy Ziaur Rahman. Awami League, a truly democratic party being elected for the first time after 21 years, a historic return and adjusted all its socio-economic, political, international policies in line with Free-World.
    [b] Bangladesh Nationalist Party, headed by an obsolete Begum Khaleda, nearly 73 years old, lost all the charisma to hold the Party. It is certain that under normal voting module, the anti-liberation forces can never win total general election, and election engineering only possible by Caretaker Govt, a module proved wrong by legal verdict and also by practices as none of such elections were accepted by the defeated one. Time was ripe enough to adopt civilized procedures of conducting elections. BNP and Jamat picked up “Road to Violence & Terrorism”, created a havoc in the country by firing, killing, raping and destroying the economy. There has been a collateral damage to their popularity and totally lost their image as democratic organ
    [4] Political Scenarios & General Election of Bangladesh :
    Opposition, mainly BNP-Jamat had been trying for re-adoption Caretaker Govt which was deleted by a verdict from Hon’ble High Court and ratified in the Parliament. BNP & Jamat members were all absent either to take it up legally or in the process of parliamentary functions! Rather, they took up the issue when Govt. is fighting against terror & punishing War Criminals! Bangladesh Armed Forces are more patriotic & loyal to political process as the “Civilized Forces of World” engaged massively in maintaining World Peace & Order. Democratic Govt. of Sheikh Hasina following the course of democracy, left no stone unturned to bring all parties in General Election-2014. Prime Minister even offered to formulate “All Party Interim Govt.” with major Ministries for Opposition BNP, yet only for personal vendetta of Begum Khaleda, there had been no consensus of joining electoral module. Instead “Terrorism” became their target for ordinary citizen where women, children, poor, schools, hospitals, buses, private transport, railway was not spared!
    [5] Reconciliation & Political Deadlock BNP offenses:
    Jamat-BNP launched all out offensive when “War Criminals Trial” came into reality & started believing that HPM Sheikh Hasina will fulfill the commitment to nation:
    [a] Jamat being one of the very well organized party with both Islamic Fund & Militancy access, engaged highly paid Western Lobbyists.
    [b] Engaged selected type of anti-Awami League persons who have no acceptance to our people.
    [c] Activated all terrorists & hired killers to disable Govt. and there by launched attack on common people, properties & burn people.
    [d] Campaigned for misleading foreign diplomats and elites about caretaker Govt without making a real positive frame without violating the constitution, confusion reached to the end when Election Commission was following “Road to Democracy”, Begum Khaleda & her associates followed “Democracy for March”?
    [e] Being confused, negative propagation risen to that extent, even many are advocating for army intervention, who are fully aware of such deadly mission. After all, why these forces take the risk for Begum Khaleda, who was 5 times Champions of Corruptions, her son Tarique & Coco were charged for their massive Corruptions.
    [6] Democracy & Terrorism are not synonym, one must destroy other:
    Awami League & 14 Party Alliance are now practicing democracy, we are particularly surprised the extent of their considerations when we see some elites to stand for anti-Bangladesh forces! I am sure, even partial of such vandalism would cost a lot in the Western Civilized World. Govt. still needs lot of supports from Western World to help keeping “Train on the line of Development”, better help them to destroy “Terrorism” which will save the large volume of potential people of South Asia. Sheikh Hasina already proved to be more logical, realistic, friendly & humble assistant to “World Peace-Keeper”!
    [7] Let “Dialogue to Continue”, for better understanding & conclusion:
    For dialogue between Govt. and the opposition, over powered by Jamat e Islam, a party is disqualified as Political Organization! There can not be any settlement between
    [a] Anti-Liberation Forces dominated by Jamat Islam pretending to be key Opposition; Trial of war Criminals must be concluded.
    [b] Democracy can not be buried by Terrorism, these can not go together, we all have to come to the light of Civilized, Democratic & Constitutional process!
    [10] United States of America is with Bangladesh, we will appreciate if they stay with the people of Bangladesh, believe our struggle of Liberation War & now struggle for Economic Emancipation :
    Mr Mozena, we like your concern but request to think rationally but not like lobbyists who are least concern about our happiness, sorrow, miseries & future generation. Does it charm you, a Govt. is handing over 400 million books to children on the very first day of the year in the schools? Does it charm you that country like Bangladesh is offering reasonable financial & food assistance to people below the poverty line every month? Does it charm you that women empowerment crossed even the measuring rod of Western hemisphere? Does it charm you that how cordial our people behave with Western Fiends? Does it charm you the fastest growth in many sectors like Private higher education, Health-care, Medicines, Infrastructures, Industries, Exports & Shipping even World Peace Keeping? Take the real pulse of the people, help People of Bangladesh, help demolishing Terrorism & Fanaticism, remove ill politics & implement positive politics, help removing Corruptions, help improve our Information Technologies & Communications, help building Peace in South Asia & be partner of our Total Development & only then Bangladesh – US Friendship will sustain for a long time.
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