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    Tokyo, Japan

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    How DARE America Harrass, insult,arrest or question IMPORTANT Indian diplomats



    That took BALLS...wow at last Washington is STANDING UP and refusing to let someone from holy cow, Punjab and curry land push the US around which seems to be the trend by so many countries these days !


    If the West sent ALL the Indians back to India...would that be such a BAD idea?
    I mean who really needs or wants them?

    Then ALL the American and Western diplomats could save their taxpayers a fortune by returning to their countries too!

    NAH......it ain't gonna happen we all know that.......but would we miss em....I don't think so !


    I hate no one and mix with refined, educated people from all races and walks of life daily! However as a foreign correspondent and broadcast journalist I have a responsibility to write and air my views just as Indian reporters do ! I realize I will inevitably offend some folk but I feel vindicated and gratified because I receive many private emails and posted comments that absolutely agree with me and my views ! Today's British generation cannot and should not be held responsible or accountable for the misdeeds of yesteryear long before they were born ! And today's rampant rapes, economic inequality and a host of other crimes in India is NOT the fault of this generation's British ! I do really try to enlighten and tell it like it is !


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