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    Posted January 10, 2014 by
    NY, New York

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    Candles and hope in Bangkok.


    Even the coldest hearts must surely melt


    Bangkok was once again engulfed in flames last night and not for the first time.


    The flames were tiny little candlelights flickering in this sprawling metropolis but this time there was a huge heartwarming difference. Instead of the flames being fanned by self interest and ill intention they were magnified by the serene smiles on the faces of everybody there. What could have been 3,000 candles flickering in the darkness looked to be 30,000, every flickering candle was asking for one simple thing, THE RIGHT TO VOTE.


    In an event unprecedented in Thai history a new voice has emerged. A voice that not only challenges the old guard but also in one simple display of unity it has shown the power brokers how to behave with dignity.


    I myself have never witnessed such dignity in Thailand in my 10 years here. The organizers of last nights triumph should be feeling enormously proud this morning. I don't know their names but believe they are professors and students from The Faculty of Arts at Chulalongkorn University.


    Will it change anything? The answer is simple, it can't but change everything.


    Last night was truly awe inspiring and as I said “EVEN THE COLDEST HEARTS MUST SURELY MELT”



    Footnote. Shamefully neither english language daily in Bangkok, The Nation or Bangkok post have covered this event.................. go figure.

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