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    Posted January 11, 2014 by
    Markkleeberg, Germany
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    RIFT HORIZON: two years of work on a forest by one person


    There are some people on earth dedicating their life to one project others would not see any value in in it, but these people don’t care. When it comes later to see this project as a matter of art, then media went furious: “This person was way ahead of time. A Genius, weird but a true Genius”. Such a project in what we nowadays call ‘Real Life’ is the ‘Worldmachine’ built by Franz Gsellmann, a farmer living in Austria. You find more information at http://is.gd/worldmachine

    For more than 20 years he build in the farmhouse on this installation. It is not the place here to go deeper on Gsellmann´s doing, it was done by the media in excess, last time at Ars Electronica Linz 2012.

    This is the place for RIFT HORIZON, a place we call ‘Virtual Life’ until things change and the virtualization has become as normal as to use a scooter or a car is nothing weird any longer. This brings me to the point that I don’t see anything special in a forest in a computer. Even it is the biggest ever made: over 9.000 prims, over 20.000 textures used. Two years of work.


    'Two years of work … and now finished - means signed by the artist?'
    Hm, I have to admit two years in virtual reality working daily on a project means 20 years in ‘reality’ as the speed of thinking, living, loving, acting in virtual worlds - there feels time different. Factor 10 is realistic. Noone ever has done it. Many claim they do, they will do. They want to do. But I never saw any project really 'done'.


    So let this project of the ‘Dreamt Forest’ by Greek artist Navah Dreams aka Liliana Papadopoulou become the next worldmachine. A worldmachine where nature kept its beauty for ever.

    Navah Dreams is known in Digital art as an artist and member of IPAC, the International Paros Art Circle by some local exhibitions and art talks in Greece. Last year she was part of the IPAC artist group joining Hamburg Kobalt group for an exhibition at the museum ship Cap San Diego Hamburg. She showed the installation ‘The Globes’ running on opensimulator in 3D: The Globe Video


    There people got a glimpse on her working on the ‘Dreamt Forest’ - as to bring attention to the world about the way we treat nature and resources is one of Navah´s main concerns and her artistic message in the 'Dreamt Forest'.

    Opening at Sunday, January 12, 2014, 12.00 h Athens time [=10.00 GMT] via grid Metropolis, sim RIFT Horizon. There is a second opening at sim 'dreamtforest' at 16.00 h Athens time [=14.00 GMT] [-> http://hypergrid.org – choose English; create Avatar and enter in map dreamtforest]

    Safe travel!

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