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    Posted January 11, 2014 by
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    New dawn of hope is about to rise on the US.

    This post is about how to finally reduce our stubbornly high unemployment rate. There are 3 things we can do to achieve this and they are exercise, synergy and faith.
    There is research that says exercise, especially if done outdoors, results in all kinds of benefits. It makes you smarter, it reduces depression, you lose weight and you are more creative. So if you are looking for a job and are depressed. Go to the nearest trail to walk or snowshoe or go to the nearest gym.
    I believe the sunrise of new hope is starting to rise on the US economically, if we all work together. I believe we are all born with God given talents, though many people will go through life ever to discover these. That homeless person or your next-door neighbor will all have that gift. I believe it will take a village of people, both R and Ds to really create many new companies (organizations), thus turn our stubborn high US unemployment rate around. There are those people who can write (attorneys, business plans), those good with the details (i.e. accountants, engineers, TEA party people) those excellent with speaking (talk show hosts) and those with new ideas (liberals,) just to name a few There is this thing called synergy to where a team of workers (perhaps 5-7 people) can build output much larger than with individuals working apart. It is just Americans should gravitate towards careers they are good at to make this synergy to take place. In other words, we are all a piece of the grand US economic puzzle. By putting them together, we shall see what this new US economic puzzle will look like.
    At the same time, they say out of 200 ideas, 2 may be doable. Then with enough ideas produced shall result in companies that will create new jobs or solve though problems. They could create new radio programs to where callers can propose new ideas, then listeners will vote on them. This will help get those 198 bad ideas out of the way, before those two winning concepts just may transform our (economic) great nation.
    At times some ideas may build on one another to find that final winning concept as well. The producers (of the radio program) could then create big winnings for those people who proposed a winning concept just to make it fun. A new team of people with various talents working together will result in companies and programs to become a reality.
    Therefore we must stop this demonizing the other party or political philosophy, otherwise we will never create full employment ever again. As it is written, love your enemy, thus we MUST stop this infighting, I believe it will take a village of people, both Rand Ds that will result into full employment by synergy, among other things. Then our nation shall reach (employment) goals beyond our wildest dreams.
    Do not give up hope. Hope never abandons you. You abandon it. As it is given the sun shall rise everyday. So will our employment rate as well. Please get that exercise until your employment needs are met. Please discover your talents by trial and error and through additional education while you have extra time of being unemployed. A new dawn is about to shine brightly on the US. Just give it faith. God works in mysterious ways and he is always thinking about your well being. As they say patients is a virtue. Just give it time and never give up as a result.
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