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    Posted January 11, 2014 by
    BANGKOK, Thailand

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    Source: Naew Na; Date: Jan 11, 2014


    News correspondents reported on Jan 11, 2014 that at the Democrats party’s headquarters, Chavanon Indrakomarnsut, the party’s spokesman, made statements during a press conference regarding current political situations. On Jan 9, 2014, Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, personally phoned Abhisit Vejjajiva, Democrats’ party leader, because he was concerned about the political situation in Thailand. Abhisit explained that the problems stemmed from the government attempting to pass the Amnesty Bill. The demonstrations are within legal framework and stick to principles of peace without arms. He asked Ban Ki-moon to communicate with Yingluck Shinawatra, the caretaker Prime Minister, to postpone the election to find solutions for the country. Furthermore, he also learned that Ban Ki-moon phoned Yingluck. He received documentation of her big lies communicated to the UN Secretary-General with distortion of facts and misinformation as follows:


    1.    Yingluck explained to the UN Secretary-General that the problems stemmed from independent organizations getting involved in political conflicts, impacting the government and causing the situation to be more severely escalated. She probably means the Constitutional Court. He asked what Yingluck used to think for her to slander independent organizations in her own country and publicly condemn the Thai Constitutional Court with the UN. Both Pheu Thai party and the government committed unlawful acts and the court deliberated based on facts.


    2.    Yingluck further claimed to Ban Ki-moon that Abhisit and Kaewsan Atibhodi were part of the committee to consider the draft bill. However, that did not mean both of them agreed with legislation of the bill. In addition, she also defamed the Democrats party for not participating in the deliberation of the bill without telling the truth that this government sneakily passed such a crucial bill to whitewash her brother at just a little after 4 AM. No other countries would do such a thing. She also lied about this bill being the start of reconciliation to pay reparations of 7.75 million baht to each of the victims despite the government having already issued a notice to pay previously.


    3.    Yingluck insisted to Bang Ki-moon that the Amnesty Bill would not accommodate Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra and redshirts’ leaders nor return assets to him. It was meant to nullify wrongdoings of people from all groups and colors. However, this was in conflict with reality as well.


    4.    Yingluck was so bold that she lied about inviting Abhisit several times to join the Reform Council but she was rejected despite the fact that she invited him only once and that was for the Reform Council led by Banharn Silapa-archa, Chairman of Chatthai Pattana party advisors. Abhisit proposed an end to the Amnesty Bill before he would participate but the government chose to pass the bill instead. This must be regarded as giving the good to herself and shamelessly leaving the bad for others.


    5.    Yingluck told the UN Secretary-General that there are 3 groups within People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC): the PDRC allies of Suthep Thaugsuban, the PDRC’s Secretary-General; the old People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) of Sonthi Limthongkul; and the People and Students Network for the Reform of Thailand (KPT). Most of them are from the south. They have weapons, bombs and drugs. This is despite PDRC’s demonstrations in the past 2 months having no violence whatsoever. The violence that has happened in the past 2-3 days is because a group of individuals has been set up to lurk with the mass and to instigate clashes to create situations, cause damaging news and frighten people to not join the rallies.


    6.    The Constitution required Election Commission (EC) to hold elections and a prime minister had no authority to postpone elections. However, when the EC submitted a letter to the PM stating that she was the number 1 law enforcer and asked her to postpone the election before a discussion, the PM did not mention that. Instead, she fabricated a big lie to create an image.


    7.    The last words the PM said to the UN Secretary-General were, “If there are violence and losses on Jan 13, the UN should issue a statement to various sectors to peacefully allow resolution mechanisms.” Those words can be paraphrased as opening a channel for other countries to intervene in internal affairs of Thailand. This is the use of the “World besieging Thailand” strategy once again. It shows that this government intends to use violence or to achieve extreme circumstances to draw foreign powers in to maintain its authority.



    The Democrats Party will expedite a correspondence in writing and send it to the UN Representative Office in Thailand and Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, in New York, USA, so they know all the facts. It is anticipated that the letter will be sent by Jan 12.

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