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    Stormey Ramdhan: Telling Her Story About Her Life With The Knight


    She was engaged to the most fearful man in hip-hop. People were threatened by him and intimidated at the same time. But it was one woman that captured his heart. They were getting married but that aspect of their relationship didn’t work out. Now she is giving me the exclusive and talking about her debut novel “ My Life With The Knight: The Woman Behind The Most Feared Man In Hip Hop.” Yes, that’s right, Stormey Ramdhan! Stormey talked to me one on one about her book that’s coming out this year.


    When I announced that I was interviewing Stormey, there were so many questions that came my way of people wanting to know about Suge Knight. Although her book is about things that she and Mr. Knight have been through together for the last twenty years, people still have questions about the legendary rapper 2 Pac. There has been speculation that Suge Knight’s was involved in 2 Pac’s murder and that he killed him. Stormey clears the air and let’s me know, “That is a lie. When I got the call about the 2Pac being shot I was worried for both 2Pac and Suge.” In the book Stormey will tell her truth to a lot of things that are unanswered. Stormey decides to give me her perspective on how things went down when she was with Mr. Knight. “ Everyone has a good and bad side to them. But my book will explain a lot of things that people want to know” says Stormey.


    I asked Stormey how she felt when she first started dating Mr. Knight knowing that he was involved in Death Row records. Stormey states,” It was never anything that was discussed. I met him at Death Row records when it just got started. There wasn’t any glitz or glam and that intrigued me. He wasn’t what people think he is today. I was attracted to his ambitious.” One thing that surprised me was that Stormey said she wasn’t affected with the beef between 2Pac and Biggie and all others that it involved. Suge kept his business and personal affairs private. There were a lot of things that didn’t affect with his business” Stormey says. The rumors and everything that went on regarding the 2PAC ordeal took a toll on Stormey’s relationship with Suge. I can’t wait to read Stormey’s book to get all of the facts. A lot wasn’t’ discussed purposely because the book will have more information. But, Suge and Stormey remain cordial since they raise their kids together. When it comes out it will be in stores and on amazon.com. Stormey’s book is being published by La’ Femme Fatale’ Publishing by CEO Michele Fletcher.


    Stormey isn’t just an author. She’s also an actress and will be doing a web series that will be launching. It’s a mix of a talk show where fashion and artists will be discussed. Stormey will also be bringing on her alter ego into the web series. She also has an ecofriendly candle line, which is her passion. She’s very excited about her web series that she’s going to be doing. Stormey didn’t want to disclose the name of her web series but stay tuned because it will be on Youtube and other sites. Stormey has also modeled and done a Sean John ad in the past and she states, “ If the right opportunity comes I would definitely model again but it has to be something that is for women my age. I can’t compete with these little girls.” We both shared a laugh.


    I truly want to thank Stormey for allowing me to interview her. I have learned so much and have gotten a lot of insight from your life with Mr. Suge Knight. Giving the readers and me just enough without revealing the entire book must have been tough! You put a lot of rumors to rest thus far and I know the book will be even better. I can’t wait until the book comes out as well as the web series. Keep doing your thing and I wish you well in your endeavors.


    To contact Stormey you can find her on twitter: @MSSTORMEY

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