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    Posted January 11, 2014 by

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    Comet ISON about to drop over 1 Billion Tons of Debris, has this happened before?


    The Planet Earth is about to get hit by the Debris of Comet ISON and most people believe it will be Harmless, although you may not get hit by a Meteor, its not Harmless.


    This Story is told by myself, a Medically Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Named Jeffrey Scott Flesher.


    On 31 May 2013, I was hit in the Head by a Meteorite the size of a Grain of Sand, it almost Killed me, just glanced off, this was Documented, but officially unexplained, so I have a very different view of about what is about to happen as 100,000 Tons per minute of Comet ISON Debris Storms down on the Planet Earth, which normally only gets 40,000 Tons a Year.


    This Event starts on 11 January 2014 and Ends on 20 January 2014, the worst day should be 14 January 2014, that day we hit it head on. The Northern Hemisphere gets hit harder at Night, whereas the Southern Hemisphere gets hit harder during the day. The Extra weight the Earth is about to take on is unprecedented in our time, this could trigger an Ice Age.


    Looking at History going back 333 years at a Time, which is what Sir Isaac Newton did, and what he found was Destruction:


    In the Year 2013, which is the Beginning of the New Era, the Age of Aquarius, we have Comet ISON, pouring a Shower of Iron, Rock and Water on Planet Earth (11-20 Jan 2014),


    in the Year 1680 we have the Great Comet of 1680, known as Newtons Comet, and the Volcano Krakatoa Erupts,


    in the Year 1347 we have Earthquakes and the Black Plague,


    in the Year 1014 we have a Meteor or Comet impact in the Atlantic Ocean causing a Huge Tsunami,


    in the Year 681 we have Major Droughts, Floods, Locust Plagues, and Epidemics,


    in the Year 347 we see the Earliest possible date that Christmas was Celebrated on December the 25th,


    in the Year 348 we have a lot of missing Data,


    in the Year 15 we have an Earthquake in Anatolia which Destroys the City of Sardis and damages several other Cities, and the River Tiber floods parts of Rome,


    in the Year 318 BC we have the Conquer Alexander the Great, and the old records of the Romans were burned by the Gauls in 390 BC, 118 years after their last King in 508 BC and 66 years before the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, so there is little use in trying to go back in that part of the Country,


    in the Year 651 BC in China on 24 December there were 5 Meteors seen in the Sky over what is now northern Shanqiu County,


    that's 2,666 years,

    if you need more evidence then that, then check the Earths Core samples for those years, look at the Geology around those years, and you will find evidence of Meteor Strikes,

    in fact, the entire Earth is created by Meteorites,

    and is causing the Earth to Grow in size by 1 half inch a year, that's 40,000 tonnes of Space Dust, but the Planet Eats its share and Humans Eat even more, but we still manage to put on sum Circumference,

    so its pushing the Moon away from us at the same time, so if you see a Pattern here let me know if it interest you, because I just Proved it already has happened before, and it will happen again,

    in fact... I give it a 100% chance that the Earth will be hit by Comet ISON's Debris.

    This is not the End of the World, think of it as a Cleansing, like a Hailstorm, only with Rocks from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a building in New York,

    the Earths Magnetosphere will burn most of it up but not all of it, it did not take much research to put this evidence together, Isaac Newton Documented most of it with the help of Kepler's Data,

    Experts say ISON was dropping 100,000 tons per minute, that's a lot more then the 40,000 tons we normally only get per year, so you do the Math:


    100,000 Tons per minute x 12,960 Minutes during this time frame of 9 days = 1,296,000,000


    One Billion Two Hundred Ninety-Six Million TONS of Rock, Iron and Water, WOW...


    This is might Trigger and Ice Age, because at the same time the Sun is going through a Pole Shift, which may effect Earths Magnetosphere allowing more Debris to pass through, and even if the Debris does no damage, the weight of this will change the World as we know it slowly over time, and could cause the Earth to realign.


    I can not predict the Future with my Crystal Ball, I can only tell you what has happened in the Past, and how to Survive such a Future the Ice Age will bring, but Like Sir Isaac Newton I am also an Aspie, I also do not take Criticism very well, as well as a Disabled Gulf War Vet with PTSD and Prone to Paranoia, but only about things that are Real, but that is not what this Story is about, its about the Research that was Started by my Ancestors, about Real Science, not this Science Fiction Albert Einstein Suggested, but Real Science based on Sir Isaac Newtons Static Universe.




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