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    Unconditional Love

    The youth from the Bais City-GK village are also active members of SIGA program of GK. This program aims to help them realize their dreams of a good future that can only be conquered through quality education.

    In their greatest desire of helping their families, they wish to get and complete a college degree so that through this they can land good jobs and help their families. However, much is needed financially, and that is why these future college entrants avail of scholarship programs that will help them enroll in a university or in any academy.

    Last 2009, heaven sent a godly couple from Seattle, Washington, USA: Shannon and Lucas Price. Both are professional divers, travelers and nature-lovers. Part of their travel was the Philippines. They visited the Bais City-GK Village, played with kids, talked to a few Kapitbahayan (GK residents) and youth, took impressive photos and even dined with the members of the community. During their visit, they also gave out sports equipment, school materials and other needed provisions to the village. With this experience, we realized that God provides exceedingly, lavishly, beyond anything we could ever ask for or think.

    Moreover, upon their visit to Bais City, GK presented them with a short entertainment program, showcasing the different talents and abilities of the kids and youth such as dancing, singing and much more. The couple indeed had fun and laughter because it resonated in the hearts of the people they encountered and we were touched by their kindness and selflessness.

    During their visit they found out that there are youths who cannot afford to pay for a college degree. Without any doubt and hesitation, the couple immediately decided to help send to college four college aspirants. With this, a ray of hope rose in the horizon. They can now restart building their once lost dream.

    The aspirants were required to write a 250-word essay about why they want to go to college, why they need a scholarship, which university or academy they want to enroll to, and what courses they were interested in.

    There were lots of challenges during the first year of the scholarship program, but with God’s benediction and guidance they endured. GK volunteers are wholeheartedly helping, guiding and monitoring them when it comes to making their studies a priority. The Scholarship Program has now inspired and encouraged the GK Kapitbahayan and motivates them to work hard and to continuously support the program.

    Shannon and Lucas on the other hand, extended their kindness not only by providing whatever is needed, but also by sharing their stories to their fellow Americans. Friends of the couple, Mindy & Jonathan Danylak and Hillary Augustine generously gave a cash sponsorship. Dolma Jensen had a fundraising party through wine-tasting that successfully raised cash. Deb and Gary Ferguson sponsored Delia Engreso’s studies. Steve and Stacie Carter (Shannon’s brother) graciously donated cash for the scholars and a few artworks during the GK art show. Mayin Santos, an indescribably wonderful woman, helped Shannon organize the fundraising last year and donated her time and money. She also taught Shannon a few Tagalog and Visayan words. Kim Blank, Shannon’s friend, voluntarily gave cash to GK as her birthday gift last year and she is now considered as a new sponsor.

    The passion for caring now encompasses the hearts of people not only from the Philippines but also from the US. No words can describe our gratitude and thankfulness to Shannon and Lucas for they have shown their unconditional love and kindness.

    The Bais City-GK Village now has nine (9) GK scholars for the school year 2013-2014 studying at the Negros Oriental State University. A full year tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses with transportation allowance are provided to them, solely sponsored and initiated by Shannon and Lucas Price.

    It is indeed a beautiful world to live in if there is much love, kindness and gifts. May this story not only inspire you but also help you understand that whatever kind of help you give is never too small when it’s given from the heart. Let’s continue to rebuild this nation with much hope for the kids and our youth. The goodness, help and love we have shown to them will also be the same love they’ll show to the next generation.

    Lastly, we highly respect and salute all the people who are behind the Bais City-GK Village youth (SIGA) who continue to fulfill their purpose in helping others.

    “If sometimes our poor people have had to die of starvation, it is not because God didn’t care for them, but because you and I didn’t give, were not instruments of love in the hands of God, to give them that bread, to give them that clothing; because we did not recognize Him, when once more Christ came in distressing disguise—in the hungry man, in the lonely man, in the homeless child, and seeking for shelter. God has identified himself with the hungry, the sick, the naked, the homeless; hunger, not only for bread, but for love, for care, to be somebody to someone; nakedness, not of clothing only, but nakedness of that compassion that very few people give to the unknown; homelessness, not only just for a shelter made of stone, but that homelessness that comes from having no one to call your own.” (Mother Teresa)
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