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    Posted January 11, 2014 by
    BANGKOK, Thailand

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    Message to the international community


    The Bangkok shutdown for a showdown and downfall of Thaksinister regime!


    FOR more than three months, the world has witnessed gradual political movement whereby pro-reform demonstrators have been denouncing the illegitimacy and betrayal of public trust on the part of the Yingluck administration, which is a puppet of Thaksin Shinawatra, ex-prime minister and now a criminal fugitive.

    The movement through street demonstrations and rallies in the capital has been based on non-violence, peaceful assembly and without arms, as displayed through international news coverage, despite extensive propaganda and disinformation carried out by the Yingluck government.


    For years, Thai people have had to put up with massive corruption, extensive cronyism and nepotism in political and bureaucratic circles among other despicable practices which have caused structural decay in all areas, particularly good governance, transparency, morality, as well as the sense of right and wrong.

    Under what is now called “Thaksinister regime” which holds a firm grip on the government, Thaksin has virtually dictated and guided administrative course for his younger sister Yingluck to carry misguided policies designed to enrich Shinawatra family members and cronies, ruining rice farming and exports, while increasing the country’s debt load.


    Thaksinister regime goes against probity and sense of caring for long-term security and stability of the country. It has supported networks of political thugs and goons in red shirts and assassins in dark shirts as witness during the political crises and “Bangkok burning” in 2010.

    Previous attempts to organize demonstrations by pro-democratic reforms have encountered ruthless suppression by the police force, using tear gas, chemical-mixed water sprays, rubber bullets and ammunition, causing casualties and fatalities. All of these brutal acts have had Thaksin as the ultimate culprit.

    Undaunted, Thai people try to regain ground in protest rallies with three major movements to remove the corruption-infested Yingluck administration from power. The government no longer deserves public mandate and more days in office after it had rejected the power of the Constitutional Court and its verdict. Other appalling acts included attempts to pass a bill to give an amnesty to accused murderers and crooks, notably Thaksin himself.

    We want to tell the world that the ongoing anti-government movement under the leadership of Thailand Democratic Reform Alliance will forge ahead despite obstacles, periodic brutal crackdowns by the police forces to succeed in dislodging the authoritarian administration from power and pave the way for reforms and true democracy.


    Further rule by the Yingluck government with massive corruption but without the sense of caring for national stability will certainly lead Thailand to insolvency and economic ruins. As of now, we consider her rule as a “failed government” which can eventually lead to a “failed state” due to structural collapse.


    Come tomorrow January 13, tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators will lay siege to Bangkok, with blockades of major intersections in the capital, leaving only bus lanes open and other mass-transit services for public commuting to accommodate normal life and medical emergencies.


    The shutdown of Bangkok will eventually lead to a showdown between the lame-duck and illegitimate Yingluck administration, now much hated by the educated public, and the continuing popular uprising to oust the puppet Cabinet of Thaksinister, now in exile abroad to escape imprisonment and arrest warrants.

    Nobody can predict when the confrontation will end. But what is certain is that the people will eventually prevail. The power of good will finally overcome the evil. Yingluck has been moving around to avoid being cornered, relocating her command centers to various locations.

    It’s a virtual government in exile inland!


    We request the international community to support the uprising until the Thai people triumph over Thaksinister regime. We also pin our hope on the decisions of independent agencies and the Constitutional Court to end the corruption-ridden and shameless Yingluck government.


    The Thai people deserve a better future with total collapse of Thaksinister regime through the popular uprising. Under structural reforms we are confident that Thailand can move ahead with pride and dignity to become a respectable and peaceful society among the international community again.


    Sopon Onkgara


    January 12,2014

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