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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Saint Kitts and Nevis

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    St. Kitts Politician Locked Up For Offending Prime Minister

    This article has been published in a January, 2014 Edition of a Global Popular Print Magazine that distributes over 250,000 Copies Globally.
    Global Media Houses such as hard copy print and online newspapers and magazines along with radio and television websites and stations have the permission in to re-publish or use this article in its entirety with no alterations from its original writers and publishers. Khrystus Wallace can be reached via email at: drkhrystus@kvklives.com  | TEL: 869-661-0118  || 869-765-7270


    Khrystus W. - LOCKED  UP  FOR  HIS  MOUTH

    In this edition of our magazine, we are pleased to highlight twenty seven year old Khrystus Wallace from the Caribbean Island Federation of St. Kitts – Nevis under our Global Rising Stars feature.


    Khrystus was born on Friday, 4th July, 1986 at the Joseph N. France General Hospital in St. Kitts to two educators Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson and Yvette Wallace. According to his parents, from birth, he always had an energetic and bubbling spirit and a very inquisitive mind. He wanted to find out as much as he could and help with everything that was being done by everyone he visited.


    Khrystus started attending The Dr. William Connor Primary school at age three where his mother, Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed was kindergarten teacher. He learned to read at age three and immediately became addicted to books. This addiction propelled him onward, forward and upward very fast.
    His placement with children some two years older than him, helped him to mature and develop the lad much faster than typical three year olds. His penchant for success was realized very early, as even at age three, he was placing first in his class. Acknowledging that he was too young to be promoted to Grade 1, his mother planned to repeat him until age five, but this was not allowed by the head teacher at the time, Ms. Rosa McCoy.


    It is note worthy, that during the reign of the 41st President of The United States, President George Bush, Khrystus had him as his role model. He would fight with his older brothers Stascius and Stanacius Wallace to watch CNN at age five (5) just to listen to President Bush, when they wanted to watch cartoons. His parents worked out a plan to provide comfort to all the children.


    Khrystus had made up in his mind that he would be President George Bush someday and cried to carry a FOLDER to school in Kindergarten instead of a school bag because this seemingly made him look more professional and president-like.


    Khrystus performed exceptionally well from Primary school through to the Verchild’s High School where he graduated Class of 2002 Valedictorian at age fifteen having attained the Best Caribbean Examination Council results that academic year.


    The young, brilliant scholar participated and won many competitions during his primary and secondary school years. He particularly participated in Essay and Poetry Writing competitions and Elocution and Debating contests. He always did exceptionally well placing and making his schools very proud.


    Khrystus was the youngest High School debater across the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis to start representing his school – The Verchilds High School. He was age twelve when School Principal Mrs. Marilyn Rogers and English Veteran Mrs. Dorothy Warner pulled him to work along with a colleague, Verlena Wrensford, over the years. Verlena is daughter of Lawyer Agatha James-Andres. The duo team, we’re told, did give many other competing High Schools a good whipping and brought home several titles to the Verchilds High School.


    Among many of Khrystus’ primary school winnings, the one most noted was winning the Basseterre Public Library Read-a-thon at age eight, having read through some thirty-six solid books at that tender age. He had to answer questions asked by the Librarian in an open setting, in front of others to prove the books were read indeed before winning the Summer Prize.


    This young global rising star started his first business at age thirteen which is still alive today. KVK ENTERPRISES – www.kvklives.com . With a group of friends from his Boyd’s community, Khrystus started airing bicycle wheels for 50 cents per wheel, patching punctured wheels and fixing bicycles.
    With his parent’s permission, he started making and selling hotdogs to his friends in the community. After browsing through EBAY.COM, he got fascinated with the fact that he can start printing t-shirts with his mother’s hand iron once he ordered some heat transfer paper overseas.


    During a Verchild’s High School lunch break, Khrystus ventured to his St. Kitts – Nevis  - Anguilla National Bank Account. This was a special Children’s Future Account that he won from the bank having written a winning poem in Grade Six called, “National, I Do My Business There.” He purchased a money order and quickly travelled to the Basseterre Post Office and mailed it to the EBAY SELLER, to whom he was communicating with at age thirteen. In about two weeks, he received his first ten sheets of Heat Transfer Paper in the mail and started printing t-shirts for his friends and family using his mother’s hand iron and dining room table.


    From that little ambitious start, Khrystus has grown the business into what is today. A fully fledged Print Shop providing Heat Press, Screen printing, Embroidery, Banners and Signs, Decals and a host of other services.
    Khrystus, now twenty-seven years old and a holder of several degrees that he completed online while running his business, just never seems to give up. He has had his good business days and his trying times and is on a constant search for worldwide angel investors that would help his dreams grow even bigger than that of Mark Zukerburg, founder of Facebook.


    Khrystus, who started preaching and giving motivational speeches at many churches, schools, youth groups and business forums around St. Kitts – Nevis at age fifteen, founded Dare 2 Be Different International (St. Kitts)– www.daretobedifferentskn.com at age twenty-one and has expanded the concept to Ghana – Kenya and the USA.


    Khrystus, who is a fearless vocalist, radio personality and international blogger, founded Tthe Blazing Star Movement – www.theblazingstarmovement.com on 1st March, 2013, seemingly ready to become President George Bush at twenty six (26). He called it a Godly Political Party that would advocate better for the youth, the poor, the working class, the disabled and the small businessman.


    After writing and publishing and article on his blog on Monday, 27th May, 2013 that seemingly scared and offended Prime Minister of The Federation of St. Kitts – Nevis, Dr. The Right Honourable Denzil Douglas, The Wallace Family Residence and KVK ENTERPRISES – www.kvklives.com Business were raided by The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force and Local Army carrying loaded M16 Rifles and K9 Dogs.


    Seemingly under instructions,  the Security Forces entered the residences without search warrants and court orders and confiscated ALL desktop computers, laptop computers, external hard drives, cellular phones, pen drives and a portion of company files and arrested and charged the then twenty-six year old ambitious youth for SEDITIOUS  PUBLICATION. Khrystus was thrown into Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts for six (6) months without any court trial and he was denied bail repeatedly for no reason.


    The move by the local security forces in St. Kitts - Nevis, caused the immediate closure of Wallace's Business since 27th May, 2013, since all of the units and pieces hold ten years of critical company information, files, global customer designs, trade secrets and more.
    His lawyer, Sir. Nassibou Butler of Butler, Butler & Butler - www.lawyerbutlerskn.com, practicing since 1954 and who was the Director of Public Prosecution under the Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Administration, the First Prime Minister of St. Kitts – Nevis has been constantly fighting to get back the Wallace’s and KVK’s computers and equipment since 27th May, 2013 to no avail.


    The questions are – Are the items missing? Are they working? Were they discarded? Will they ever be returned?


    Certainly, it is clear to see that Khrystus Wallace, a rising global star was LOCKED  UP  FOR  HIS  MOUTH for standing up and expressing himself as a young brilliant preacher - politician, in what is supposed to be a freedom of speech world.


    Khrystus has walked the path of global international advocates such as Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm Ex and many other political, social and religious activists who suffered and are now recognized around the world. This publication wishes this Young Global Rising Star from the sixtyseven square mile Caribbean Island of St. Kitts – Nevis the very best in his future endeavours and preaching, business and political career.

    The Federation of St. Kitts – Nevis is currently led by the Dr. Denzil Douglas Labour Party Administration.
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