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    Posted January 12, 2014 by
    London, United Kingdom

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    Once upon a time in Eternity - :)


    Son: Father?
    Father: yes son
    Son: who am I?
    Father: you are my essence, love, source energy
    Son: really?
    Father: yes!
    Son: but how do I know?
    Father: why do you want to know?
    Son: I want to experience myself
    Father: are you sure?
    Son: yes, I want to know what it is like to be me!! (excited)
    Father: for that, you would have to forget who you are so you can experience it and remember who you are.
    Son: but if I forget, I will then be in total illusion until I remember!
    Father: precisely!
    Son: but how will I remember who I really am?
    Father: I will guide you. I will always be with you.
    Son: where will I have to look to remember who I am?
    Father: within yourself.
    Son: you promise you will always be with me?
    Father: of course! You can never be separated from me. :)
    Son: ok cool, I want to play that game!!!
    Father: are you sure?
    Son: yes! And can I ask my friends to play with me?
    Father: Sure! As long as their are willing to cause themselves to forget!
    Son: ok I will ask them.
    Father: And what shall we call this game?
    Son: oh I know, I know (really excited :) ): let's call it LIFE!!
    Father: so it is! Have fun!! :) :) :)


    Author: Genevieve Muwana.


    Women Empowerment and Mind-set Coach

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