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    Dallas, Texas
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    My Story - How I Quit Smoking


    My story of how I quit smoking


    Now believe me, I'm not proud of it, but I smoked cigarettes for about 14 years. Read my story of How I Quit Smoking. You'll be glad you did!


    Over the last several years, I have tried all kinds of ways to quit smoking. I have tried cold turkey, patches, nicorette gum and nicorette lozenges. None of them worked for more than a day or two at the most.


    Now this is not some hyped up, sales story I'm telling you! This is a simple and honest way of telling you how I quit smoking cigarettes and how you can, too!


    It all started when my wonderful wife came home from work one day and told me about a friend at work that had quit smoking using the new electronic cigarettes. They are called Ecigs for short.


    She said she thought I should try them, since they helped her friend quit smoking (and her friend had been smoking 3 packs a day for years). After a few days, I told her to order them and I would give them a try.

    How I Quit Smoking - Finally!!


    Well, I received my starter pack in 3 or 4 days and read all of the instruction manuals. I didn't try the electronic cigarettes for about a week or so because I just wasn't ready. Finally, I charged the battery and started smoking the Ecigs. Luckily for me, this was the start of how I quit smoking.


    Immediately, I loved them! I was just smoking them for enjoyment and pleasure. I still smoked my regular cigarettes, too. I had it in my my mind that I was only going to experiment with them. I smoked both the regular cigarettes and the ecigs for about a week and decided I liked the Ecigs better.


    Regular cigarettes just didn't taste good, nor did they feel right going into my lungs after smoking the Ecigs. The Ecigs seemed smoother, I guess since they just released a vapor, not the tar and other ingredients that the cigarettes have. I smoked only about 4 or 5 more regular cigarettes during the next 2 weeks and each time, I could only take about 2 drags off of the regular cigarette. Finally, I felt like this could be the way for me to give up cigarettes for good, and how I quit smoking!


    That was over 3 years ago and it has been so easy! Really, I'm telling you there is nothing to quitting smoking when using the Ecigs!


    IPlease, if you want to quit smoking, try the Ecigs. Don't just give up and say I'm quitting smoking tomorrow. Do like I did, so you don't deprive yourself. Continue to smoke both kinds of cigarettes until you decide for yourself that the electronic cigarettes are better and you will then realize that you don't even want another regular cigarette!


    Once again, there is no hype here. I'm telling you the honest truth and when you decide to try them and when you have quit smoking regular cigarettes, drop me a line and let me know if I was telling the truth....


    You will love the Ecigs. I promise!!  Just order a starter pack and watch videos about Ecigs and vaping. Be sure to order extra cartridges so you don't run out and then you might be forced to go back to regular cigarettes until yours arrive.


    If my little story of how I quit smoking has helped you to stop smoking and start vaping ecigs, please leave a comment for me below. It feels so good not to be a prisoner to that nasty habit. I can taste food better, smell things better and don't smell like an astray anymore!



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