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    Top 10 Weight Loss Pills That You Must Know About

    There's no shortage of slimming pills and supplements. There are actually millions of them and nearly each one of them claims to be better than the other. A serious issue that remains with many of such pills is possibility of complications or adverse effects.
    There are a large collection of diet pills, all guaranteeing fast reduction of weight, but some of them inflict significant damage to your body and health. I'm sure you already know impacts that can be inflicted by use of ephedra. It can seriously influence your cardiac system and can even lead to life-endangering heart strokes.
    Though ephedra has been banned by the FDA, a lot of natural weight loss tablets come loaded with ephedra as a concealed ingredient. Such pills can be quite dangerous for you.
    Phentermine is the most famous fat burner until date. This pill is pretty good at reducing your weight but a serious issue with this prescription drug is also its side-effects.
    No wonder, it's no longer prescribed for weight management.
    But things have changed over the years and weight loss pills have come off age.
    Phentermine has been reformulated into Phen375. This is a diet tablet that keeps all the weight loss properties of phentermine while giving away all the negative side-effects of the drug.
    It was launched in Feb 2009 and since then it has become a massive hit with people trying to lose those extra kilos. What makes it so convincing is the proven fact that it is manufactured in a FDA licensed lab and is a non-prescription fat burner. Yes! You do not need a prescription to buy this weight loss pill!
    This weight loss pill isn't just a great fat burner but is also a very effective appetite suppressor. This is what makes it very effective in guaranteeing fast weight reduction.
    It comprises of enzyme boosters that speed up your metabolic rate and makes sure faster fat-consuming in your body. Not only this, they also cut back your appetite so that you can eat less. The net effect is that one is in the position to strip off excess fat and weight fast.
    Many people like you have been able to lose 2-5 pounds a week with this fat burner dieting pill.
    No wonder, it's been coined as the Top Fat Burner all around the world. You can read a detailed review here: http://www.iphen375review.com
    2-Hoodia Diet-Max
    This appetite suppressant pill is quite good with weight loss. This diet pill contains a large dose of Hoodia which is pretty good at suppressing appetite. This might be quite expensive, so for those on a tight budget, they could seek for a cheaper replacement. This product comes in three forms i.e; NightSlim Shots, DaySlim Shots and VegiCaps. The Hoodia VegiCaps contain 90 mg of pure 100% Hoodia and the scientifically proven weight loss caps that work. They are taken before meal and then you are required to consume a large amount of water so that they may get dissolved in the body effectively. They help you control your hunger for the next 4-6 hours.
    Similarly Hoodia Ma NightSlim Shots and Hoodia Max DaySlim Shots are the same thing. They both contain 2000 mg of Hoodia and come in 59 ml shots. They are safe and effective and have natural ingredients like ginseng and valerian which provide additional health benefits.
    Ever since featured in Oprah Winfrey show, Lipovox enjoys a wideapread popularity in the diet world. This supplement is quite popular with athletes and celebrities which is why it became quite popular with everyone. This appetite suppressant is quite effective. At first trial, the inventor lost eleven pounds in just ten days.
    Lipovox contains natural ingredients like green tea, cayenne pepper, alpha lipoic acid and dimethylaminoethanol. All these ingredients help increase metabolism, energize the mind and body, and contains powerful anti-oxidants. Though there are no clinical studies available on Lipovox, it has many testimonials from satisfied customers that show how they have reduced weight naturally by using Lipovox as a weight loss supplement with their diet and exercise plans.
    4-The 72 Hour Diet Pill
    This diet pill works through diuretics. You would be able to lose weight in three days. This is quite recommended for those who would like to lose some pounds in a speedy way. This pill works to cleanse the digestive and filtration system of human body and cleanse the walls of the live, kidney and colon from toxins and wastes. A clean digestive and filtration system of body helps improve absorption and use of nutrients in the body and facilitates the weight loss process.
    The 72 Hour diet pills is a powerful body detox and removes the build-ups and toxins from the digestive system naturally and speeds ups the sluggish metabolic process in the body.

    5-Green Coffee Beans:
    One of the latest hot weight loss pills is Green Coffee Beans that is a popular trending in the fitness scene. Green coffee beans contain cholorogenic acid which is not present in regular beans due to the roasting process. In a test conducted by the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, sixteen overweight people were given a number of capsules that had green coffee beans extract. The participant were instructed as follows:
    • One group was advised to consume low dose of green coffee extract.
    • The other group was advised to take high dose of green coffee extract
    • And a placebo in the third group.
    The participants were also advised not to change their daily diet and after a 22 weeks study the result was that those who took green coffee beans lost 16 % more than those who only took the placebo.
    While there is still more room for further study on green coffee extract to know its role as a universal fat fighter, the results shown by the above study confirm it to be a safe and effective weight loss supplement.

    Propelene is also a good weight loss supplement glucomannan as the primary active ingredient for fat burning and weight loss. Though there are some clinical studies supporting weight loss and other health benefits of glucomannan as a supplement, there is not a specific clinical study supporting Propolene’s claim as a fat blocker.
    7-Hydroxycut Hardcore
    This appetite suppressant pill has been quite popular in the past. A new formula of this product has been released for distribution. The new formula allows a person to shed weight easily. Two studies show that green coffee bean extract use in the Hyroxycut help lose weight significantly. Svetol, green coffee beans extract used in the Hydroxycut is also found in Hydroxycut Hardcore, Hydroxycut Hardcore Eliet & Hydroxycut Acai. A study conducted by French researchers also confirmed that those who use Svetol lost and average of 10.95 lb over eight weeks whereas 20 people who took placebo lose an average of 5.4 lb. The results of this study were published in Phytotherapie, a French journal, in 2006.
    8- Myoffeine
    This diet pill is directed towards men. This appetite suppressant pill is designed to pump testosterone to natural levels; helps men in building muscles and losing weight. Its active ingredients include Caffeine Anhydrous USP, Cinnamon, and Citrus Aurantium to aid with weight reduction, and L-Glutamine, Tribulus Terrestis, Catuaba and L-Arginine. All these are though considered good to help men reduce weight and get a testosterone boost but unfortunately there is no credible clinical research document available about this product.
    Fire Lean
    This diet pill is quite good for those who are active and would like a reduction in their weight while increasing their workout times. Problem with this pill is it is quite expensive. It has some good active ingredients that may speed up the metabolic rate of your body but there is no research available on these pills.

    One of the top 10 diet pills is Phenterfein. This diet pill increases a person's metabolic rate while he or she rests or sleeps. That would mean that you would be burning fat while you are sleeping. These pills come in a bottle that has 120 pills in it and is suitable for both men and women above the age of 18. Its primary ingredients include rhodiola rosea, glucuronolacton, and evodiamine. Rhodiola rosa and glucuronolacton are both good energy boosters whereas evodiamine is known as for its fat reducing properties in the body. Phenterfein also contains a list of additional ingredients that are helpful in breaking down fat, reducing fat levels and increasing metabolism.
    Since obesity have been quite a hindrance to most citizens, not only physically but also emotionally, and since the usual diet and exercise program would not work for all due to the fact that weight loss really is hard when you are facing obesity. It is not only due to the way you eat that would result into obesity, but also it has something to do with your body. basically, this explains why we do have lots of appetite suppressant pills that have been popping out in the market. They are for those who are having intense weight issues and there are also supplements. Some of them have nasty side effects and there are some that only have mild ones. And the question arises from this. Which of them is good for losing weight? Which ones are considered to be one of the top diet pills? These questions would be answered better if you know what the top diet pills out in the market are by following the above top diet bills and their prescriptions.
    Almost all FDA approved diet pills are prescription drug medications that have been able to pass the strict requirements spelled out by the FDA. Usually, the manufacturers have provided clinical trial facts to back up their claims of helping users lose weight.
    So for those trying to find safe diet pills that work, FDA approved prescription weight loss pills may be the safest and finest bet due to the fact they have been tested thoroughly. However, you will find numerous set backs concerning these pills as well. some people react different to these pills, favoring some and affecting the bodies of others negatively. It is advisable to seek the opinion and guidance of your physician before embarking on any major decision on taking the pills.
    Before you decide to buy any advertised safe diet pills that work, you can also look through the FDA website to see if there has been any warning relating to the weight loss pills. Finally, examine with your doctor for any advice.
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