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    Posted January 12, 2014 by
    Pinetops, North Carolina

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    5 Things a Plumber Won't Tell You.


    Plumbing repairs and plumbing costs can sometimes be a real headache. Would you like an idea of how your plumbing repairs should be done or what it might cost? How about information like:


    5 Things a plumber won’t tell you.....


    1. If you need a good plumber and don’t know who to call. Just make a phone call to the local plumbing supply store. They usually know who the best ones are because they work with them everyday.


    2. Learn where the main water cut off is located and how to operate it. Plumbers get a lot of calls from frantic people who just don’t know how to cut off their water when it is flooding their home from a burst pipe.


    3. While we are talking about burst water pipes, did you know the ones behind your washing machine are some of the most frequent pipes that burst. You can have them replaced with stainless steel pipes which are more durable.


    4. Monday is typically the busiest day a plumber has and this is because they are fixing repairs done by inexperienced homeowners over the weekend.


    5. Don’t put a brick in your toilet tank to save water. It will not flush as efficient as it was designed to do. The aggravation of a poor flush will not be worth the pennies you will save.


    Plumbing repair and installations are expensive. It takes plumbers years of hard work and dedication to obtain their skills and all the necessary tools they need can cost a lot of money. Most are professionals and they should be paid well.
    Some of the work they do is considered much too difficult to perform for the average do-it yourself person. But, sometimes even the smaller plumbing repair jobs that cost a considerable amount of money and there is no reason you can not handle some these repairs yourself. Some repairs you will just need a few basic tools that you probably already own. Such as pliers, screwdrivers, pipe wrench, hacksaw, file, small torch and a plunger. Just basic tools that you proably already own..
    Take the time to do your research on sites such as this one and try to get a better understanding of the job you are about to attempt. Be careful, have a plan, don't rush and you can succeed.
    Yes, there will be jobs that may be too difficult for you to attempt on your own, But, if you do your research you will have a better knowing when you need to call in a professional plumber.
    You can get a lot more free information at:

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