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    Posted January 13, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware
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    S. Renee Smith: Empowering People Through Her Words

    I was excited to interview S. Renee Smith because not only is she from Delaware like me, but also the more we talked the more we had in common. Ms. Smith is a motivational speaker, gives coaching sessions and more. I just had to find out what motivated her to choose this kind of career path. She’s been on ABC, NBC, CBS; she’s also great with personal branding and has worked with Rachel Ray. OK!Magazine, and the Art Fennell Show to name a few. She’s written two books thus far titled, “The Bridge to Your Brand” and “There Is More Inside. “

    Ms. Smith transitioned her career from television to public speaking in 2005. She began speaking publicly when she was asked to speak at a statewide workshop for trainers. It was her first time and S. Renee didn’t know what to talk about. “ I remember asking, well what should I talk about? They said to me talk about what ever you want. It was the hardest thing but then I talked about finding your passion.” Since her first time speaking, Ms. Smith was a roll. She began to get requested to speak at a lot of places. It’s interesting to know that Ms. Smith used to be shy and timid when she was younger. Now look at her, a professional in her own right!

    I wanted to know how S. Renee got to where she was. She stated, “ Nothing starts in a moment, everything starts overtime.” When she said that line I was so inspired. Her passion to speak started at the age of 12 when she picked up her first motivational book. S. Renee was teased and bullied in school and the book helped her. We definitely had something in common because I was also teased and bullied in school. But one thing about Ms. Smith she went from being teased and bullied to becoming the popular girl. She learned important concepts about herself and other people. Now working for major corporations, S. Renee has truly done well for herself.

    S. Renee’s first book, “ There Is More Inside” talks about her journey of being shy and timid all the way from working with major corporations. She has interviewed many such as Queen Latifah, Shabba Ranks, and more. She shows people how to reflect on their life and be inspired. It teaches people how to be at a place of self-confidence in their life. Selling over 8,000 copies of this book, it has inspired many people to keep moving forward in their life and maintain in a good space. While doing my own research on the book I came across a great review by a reader who loves S. Renee’s book and she states, “There Is More Inside: This book is phenomenal. I swear it spoke to me exactly. It was written for me. I can read, but often books have my interest for a minute then I lose interest quick. This was the first book that I started reading in a very long time and didn't stop unless I had to work. I shut down almost everything to finish this book, then went back and reviewed, over and over again. Phenomenal book! This book allowed me to look back over my life and find out the roadblocks that I placed in my life to have me in the condition I'm in now. I’m breaking thru because of S. Renee and her book. I have actually written a book (with much help) because of "There Is More Inside" Remember I didn't like to read. Well now I've written a book and reading more. Thank you S. Renee. There is truly more inside!” Reading this review inspires me even more to continue my craft as a writer.

    S. Renee has coaching sessions that she teaches for people who are interested in branding and just learning how to be a better “ them”. She also has what’s called “ Wrap Sessions” as well where she gives one on one consultation to people who are interested. If you aren’t able to make it to a session for whatever reason don’t fret, Ms. Smith has disc sets available. She also offers free 15 minute coaching sessions. For more information please visit http://www.srenee.com.

    Ms. S. Renee Smith gives back to the community and people with her words. She has been fortunate to be successful at doing things that she loves. Motivating others to do well in their life is very remarkable. It takes a strong person to do what Ms. Smith does and from her success and testimonials it works well. I’m glad to have gotten to know Ms. Smith from our interview and I learned so much about life and myself.

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